Taurus Baby Names: A Stellar Collection for Your Little One

By Cris Rizk •  Updated: 06/21/23
Taurus Baby Names: A Stellar Collection for Your Little One

When it comes to choosing a baby name, many parents find inspiration from various sources, such as family traditions, global cultures, and of course, the zodiac signs. Taurus, represented by the bull, offers a whole new dimension in baby naming with its fascinating mythology and personality traits attributed to those born under this sign. If you’re considering Taurus-inspired names for your little one, I’ve got you covered.

Taurus, an earth sign ruled by Venus, is known for its stability, loyalty, and sensuality. Babies born between April 20 and May 20 are considered Taurus, and they tend to grow into individuals who value security, comfort, and the finer things in life. With these qualities in mind, Taurus baby names often reflect strength, stability, and a touch of elegance.

In this article, I’ll walk you through an array of Taurus baby names, drawing from their unique characteristics, associated mythology, and even famous Taurus personalities. Let’s dive in and explore the perfect Taurus-inspired name for your little bundle of joy!

Understanding Taurus Babies

Ah, Taurus babies! They are born between April 20th and May 20th and, as an earth sign ruled by Venus, they have distinct and charming characteristics. In this section, we’ll dive into the unique traits of these little bulls and what makes them so special.

A key aspect of Taurus babies is their strong determination. Known for being headstrong, they’ll be quite persistent in getting what they want. This can be a double-edged sword as it may lead to stubbornness but, at the same time, it gives them the resilience to face challenges and bounce back.

Taurus babies are also known for their love of comfort. They enjoy being cuddled, surrounded by soft and cozy items, and may develop a strong attachment to their favorite toys or blankets. Ensuring a comfortable environment for these little ones will help them feel secure and happy as they navigate the world around them.

Another endearing trait of Taurus babies is their natural appreciation for beauty and aesthetics. They’re drawn to lovely melodies, harmonious colors, and pleasant smells. Stimulating their senses in a gentle and balanced way will fuel their curiosity and encourage their growth.

However, understanding Taurus babies also means being aware of their sensitivity to change. They tend to prefer stable routines, which may make transitioning to new situations a bit challenging. Patience, gentle guidance, and a consistent schedule will go a long way in helping them adapt to life’s inevitable changes.

When it comes to relationships, Taurus babies are fiercely loyal. They form strong bonds with their loved ones and seek reassurance through physical touch and affection. Showing them ongoing love and support will nurture their natural inclination to trust and connect deeply with others.

Here are some summarizing bullet points to keep in mind:

In this section, we’ve delved into the captivating traits of Taurus babies. By understanding their unique characteristics, we can better support and guide these little bulls as they grow and thrive.

Best Names for Taurus Girls

Taurus babies, born between April 20th and May 20th, are known for their strong personalities, determination, and loving nature. Picking a name that resonates with the Taurus energy can help your little girl embody these positive traits. In this section, I’ll present some of the best names for Taurus girls and explain the significance behind them.

Earthy and nature-inspired names are perfect choices for Taurus girls, as they align with the sign’s connection to Mother Earth. Taurus is an Earth sign, which represents stability and practicality. Consider these beautiful names inspired by nature:

Another excellent source of inspiration for Taurus girl names is the mythology and symbolism surrounding their ruling planet, Venus. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, making these names ideal for Taurus girls:

The steadfast and loving nature of Taurus can be reflected in names associated with strength and loyalty. Here are some strong, Taurus-worthy names for your baby girl:

It’s also important to recognize Taurus’ fixed earth quality, which can be represented by names connected to rocks and gems:

To sum it up, when choosing a name for your Taurus baby girl, consider her inherent qualities and the energy of this Earth sign. Earthy, nature-inspired names, those tied to Venus, and names representing strength, loyalty, and precious gems are all fitting choices.

Top Picks for Taurus Boys

When it comes to baby names for Taurus boys, some key characteristics of this Earth sign should be kept in mind. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, making names that evoke a sense of harmony and grace particularly fitting. Here are my top picks for Taurus baby boy names, each selected for its unique connection to this zodiac sign.

The influence of Venus can inspire some lovely choices. Consider names with meanings related to love, beauty, or peace:

Additionally, Earth signs like Taurus respond well to names inspired by nature:

Moving into the realm of mythology, names that are storied and rich with history can also appeal to Taurus boys:

Finally, some classic and timeless names feel like a perfect fit for a Taurus boy:

In selecting a name for your Taurus baby boy, let the loving energy of Venus and the steadfastness of this Earth sign guide you. Whether you choose a name with a beautiful meaning, a connection to nature or mythology, or a classic, timeless choice, your Taurus son will grow into a strong, reliable, and caring individual.

Nature-Inspired Taurus Baby Names

Taurus is an earth sign, and that’s why choosing nature-inspired names for your little one can be an excellent idea. In this section, I’ll share some beautiful and strong Taurus baby names that are inspired by nature. These names are perfect for your earthy and nature-loving Taurus child.

Trees and Flowers are brilliant sources of inspiration for baby names. Here are a few options to consider:

Earth, Stone, and Water elements are also intriguing sources for Taurus baby names. A few examples include:

Animals connected to Taurus and earth signs can also offer some interesting name options:

Here is a table summarizing the nature-inspired Taurus baby names mentioned above:


It’s always a good idea to consider the personality traits of your child’s zodiac sign when choosing a name. Taurus babies are often loving, reliable, and strong-willed, so selecting a name from these nature-inspired options might be just what you need to perfectly represent your little one’s character.

Mythological Names for Taurus Babies

As a Taurus baby names expert, I’m excited to share some fantastic options inspired by mythology. Mythological names have a timeless quality to them, and given the strong characteristics associated with the Taurus zodiac sign, it’s no wonder that parents might consider choosing a name steeped in tradition. Here, I’ve compiled a list of mythological names perfect for Taurus babies.

Taurus, represented by the bull, is connected to Greek mythology. Zeus, the king of the gods, transformed himself into a magnificent white bull and carried away the Phoenician Princess Europa. To honor this story, parents might consider naming their Taurus child after Zeus or Europa.

Other Greek mythology options include:

Additionally, Rome’s mythology offers intriguing choices:

For those interested in Norse mythology, consider these options:

Even Egyptian mythology features names suitable for Taurus babies:

Finally, here are a few suggestions from Celtic mythology:

In summary, there is an abundance of mythological names for Taurus babies from various cultural backgrounds. These names are perfect for parents seeking a moniker that represents the strength, determination, and love associated with this earth sign. Remember to choose a name that resonates with you, as it will help shape your child’s identity for years to come.

Taurus Names from Celebrities and Pop Culture

When it comes to finding Taurus baby names, celebrities and pop culture offer an array of inspiration. As I’ve delved into the world of famous people born under this Earth sign, it’s clear that their bold personalities and talents have shaped their lives and careers. In this section, I’ll share with you the top Taurus names drawn from famous figures along with the meaning behind them.

Audrey is a name that oozes elegance and grace, just like the renowned actress Audrey Hepburn. This timeless name has Old English origins meaning “noble strength.”

George is another popular name among well-known Taurus celebrities, including George Clooney, George Strait, and George Lucas. With its strong presence and timeless appeal, this name is derived from the Greek name Georgios, meaning “farmer or earthworker.”

Now let’s look at some Taurus names from the music industry. Adele and Janet are two famous singers who share the Taurus zodiac sign. Adele, known for her powerful vocals, has a name with Germanic origins meaning “noble and kind.” Janet, on the other hand, is a Scottish diminutive of the name Jane, meaning “Yahweh is gracious.”

Channing is another notable name from pop culture, thanks to actor Channing Tatum. This English name has captured the attention of many parents and means “a person from the town of Canon.”

To help you further in your search for the perfect Taurus name, here’s a round-up of some more compelling examples in bullet form:

NameOriginMeaningFamous Examples
AudreyEnglishNoble strengthAudrey Hepburn
GeorgeGreekFarmer or earthworkerGeorge Clooney
AdeleGermanNoble and kindAdele
JanetScottishYahweh is graciousJanet Jackson
ChanningEnglishA person from the town of CanonChanning Tatum

Each of these names carries with it not only the resilient traits associated with Taurus but also the beauty, strength, and wisdom found in their famous counterparts. While many of these names are already well-established, they continue to hold a certain appeal to new parents looking for the perfect Taurus name.

Unique and Uncommon Taurus Baby Names

When it’s time to choose a baby name, many parents are fascinated by astrological influences. Born between April 20 and May 20, Taurus babies are known for their dependable, strong, and reliable traits. If you’re looking for less-traveled Taurus baby names, I’ve got some unique and uncommon options that will surely set your little one apart.

Earth-Inspired Names: Since Taurus is an Earth sign, why not look to nature for inspiration? Here are a few earthy yet unique names that suit a Taurus baby:

Names Reflecting the Taurus Symbol: The Taurus symbol is the bull, a strong and steadfast animal, symbolic of stability and determination. You could choose a unique baby name that embraces these traits:

Names Relating to the Taurus Ruling Planet: The Taurus ruling planet is Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. With this in mind, you can explore names associated with love, beauty, and charm:

Names that Embody the Taurus Element and Traits: Taurus is an Earth sign with traits such as persistence, practicality, and loyalty. To connect your baby’s name to these traits, consider the following unique choices:

With so many unique and uncommon Taurus baby names to choose from, you’ll surely find the perfect name that reflects the earthy and determined spirit of your little one. Don’t be afraid to explore a variety of inspirations and meanings – Taurus babies are known for their adaptability and love for all things rare and wonderful.

Evaluating Names by Taurus Traits

When it comes to selecting Taurus baby names, it’s essential to understand the traits of the Taurus zodiac sign. Taurus is an Earth sign, known for its stability, practicality, and loyalty. As a Taurus myself, I believe a fitting name should represent these characteristics. In this section, I’ll be discussing some name criteria to consider based on Taurus traits.

Stability: Taurus is well-known for being a stable and reliable sign. A name that conveys a sense of solidity can be highly suitable. Look for names with strong roots in history or cultural significance. In many cases, classic or timeless names can be excellent choices.

Some examples of stable-sounding names:

Practicality: Taurus individuals are pragmatic and often gravitate towards practical solutions. A name that is easy to say, spell, and remember can be ideal. Shorter names or names with fewer syllables could be an appealing option, reflecting the practical nature of Taurus.

Examples of practical names:

Loyalty: Another important Taurus trait is loyalty. Names that evoke faithfulness and devotion can resonate with the Taurus spirit. Consider names associated with historical or literary figures known for their unwavering loyalty or dedication.

Examples of loyal-sounding names:

Earth Element: Since Taurus is an Earth sign, names connected to nature or the Earth itself can inspire strength and groundedness. Look for names tied to the natural environment, like those related to plants, animals, or geological features.

Examples of Earth-related names:

While these are by no means exhaustive lists, they serve as a starting point for those seeking Taurus-inspired baby names. By considering the core traits of stability, practicality, loyalty, and Earth connection, you’ll be better equipped to find an appropriate name that embodies the spirit of Taurus.

Cosmic Connections: Names from the Taurus Constellation

If you’re searching for a name inspired by the stars, look no further than the Taurus constellation. This zodiac sign is associated with the mythical great bull who not only played a major role in Greek mythology but also appears in many other ancient cultures’ stories. Let’s explore some Taurus-inspired baby names that have a cosmic connection, suitable for your little star.

One of the most well-known stars in the Taurus constellation is Aldebaran, which is often called the “Eye of the Bull.” Its Arabic origin and clear connection to this constellation make it an unusual but appealing name option. Aldebaran is suitable for both boys and girls, and it offers a distinctive yet elegant name choice.

The Taurus constellation is also home to the Pleiades, a group of seven bright stars often called the “Seven Sisters.” These stars characterize the constellation’s face, and each has its name derived from Greek mythology:

These names offer a wide range of options and have a rich history in mythology, making them perfect for any Taurus baby.

Another notable star system in the Taurus constellation is the Hyades, a group of five stars that outline the shape of the bull’s head. These stars have their own ancient Greek names, which can provide inspiration for baby names as well:

Combining elements from the Taurus constellation may lead to some unique name creations. Fantasy names like Aldebright or Tauriel could arise and invite an adventurous spirit in your child’s life.

Ultimately, there’s an abundance of options when considering Taurus constellation-inspired names. By looking towards the stars and embracing the mythology behind them, you’ll find a captivating and meaningful name for your future Taurus baby.

Conclusion: Choosing the Perfect Taurus Baby Name

Settling on the ideal Taurus baby name can be a fun and meaningful experience. As we’ve seen, Taurus names often reflect qualities such as strength, reliability, and determination. To make this process easier, I’ve gathered some tips and ideas to consider:

To sum up, the perfect Taurus baby name should exhibit the qualities associated with this earth sign while also considering factors like sound, origin, longevity, and personal attachment. By keeping these guidelines in mind, you’ll be on your way to selecting a name that not only embodies the essence of Taurus but also creates a special connection to your little one.

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