Arlo: Baby Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

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Choosing the perfect baby name can be a challenging task for soon-to-be parents. It’s important to consider the meaning, origin, and popularity of a name before making a final decision. One unique name that has been gaining attention is Arlo. This striking name carries a strong charm that makes it stand out among the rest.

The name Arlo has an interesting background, with several theories about its origin and meaning. Some sources suggest that it has English roots, while others believe it’s derived from the Spanish and Italian language. Despite varying theories, one thing is certain: Arlo’s growth in popularity denotes it as a must-consider name for those expecting a little one.

In recent years, Arlo has seen a significant rise in popularity, making it an increasingly common choice for babies worldwide. This distinctive name has a certain appeal that resonates with many parents, making it an excellent option for their bundle of joy. If you’re on the hunt for a special name for your baby, Arlo might be the ideal choice.

Arlo: A Brief Overview

Arlo is a popular baby name that has been quickly gaining traction in recent years. With its intriguing origin and meaning, it’s no surprise that parents are often drawn to this unique name. In this brief overview, we’ll explore the meaning, origin, popularity, and alternative variations of Arlo as a baby name.

The name Arlo is believed to have multiple origins. While some sources cite it as having Old English roots, others attribute its origin to the Spanish name ‘Carlos’. Regardless of its exact origin, the name Arlo is generally understood to mean “fortified hill” or “stronghold,” suggesting strength, security, and stability.

Currently, the name Arlo is steadily climbing in popularity. According to the latest U.S. Social Security Administration data, Arlo ranked at #316 in 2020 among male baby names, up from #917 in 2010.

Here’s a snapshot of Arlo’s rise in popularity over the years:


If you’re considering Arlo for your little one, it’s worth noting that there are several variations and similar names in other languages and cultures. Some alternatives include:

Arlo works well with many sibling names too. A few examples include:

Several famous individuals have also been named Arlo, such as the American folk singer Arlo Guthrie and Arlo Parks, a British poet and singer-songwriter.

In summary, Arlo is a unique and appealing baby name with an air of strength and security. Its growing popularity, coupled with its interesting origins and diverse variations, make it an excellent choice for families seeking an unforgettable name for their little one.

The Origins of Arlo

Diving into the history of the name Arlo, it’s important to explore its roots and significance. Arlo’s origins can be traced back to several cultures, but the name primarily has two possible origins: English and Spanish.

In English culture, Arlo has an Old English origin, derived from the words “earh” (eagle) and “hlaw” (hill). This suggests that the name Arlo carries the meaning of “eagle hill” or “the hill where eagles reside.”

In contrast, the name Arlo has a Spanish origin, stemming from the Basque name “Arlotte,” which is composed of the words “ar” meaning “all” and “lotte” meaning “free.” Consequently, in this context, the name Arlo translates to “all-free.”

Interestingly, variations of the name Arlo appear in various cultures and languages. Some of these include:

As for sibling names, they may share meanings, origins, or sounds similar to Arlo. Some suggested sibling names include:

Famous individuals who bear the name Arlo include:

In recent years, Arlo has risen in popularity as a baby name choice. According to the US Social Security Administration, Arlo has experienced a steady increase in ranking among baby names. The table below displays its ranking from 2015 to 2020.


To summarize, the name Arlo has diverse origins, rich in history and symbolism. Whether from English or Spanish roots, the name embraces powerful meanings. With its rising popularity and variations across languages and cultures, Arlo has proven to be a versatile and fascinating name choice.

Meaning Behind the Name Arlo

Tracing back to its roots, Arlo is a name that’s evolved from several cultural and linguistic sources. We’ll explore those origins and delve into the popularity, name variations, and famous namesakes for those considering Arlo as a baby name.

The name Arlo has an interesting history and can be linked to different cultures such as English, Spanish, and Italian. In Old English, Arlo is believed to have been derived from the words “army” and “hill”, forming the meaning “fortified hill”. While the name can also trace its roots to the Spanish word “árbol”, which translates to “tree”, signifying strength and stability. Additionally, the Italian version of the name means “Charles” and showcases the versatile nature of the name across languages.

When looking into similar names and variations in other cultures, we find some interesting options:

For those considering sibling names that complement Arlo, here are a few suggestions:

When it comes to Arlo’s popularity, it has seen a steady increase in recent years. In the United States, Arlo steadily gained popularity and reached its peak ranking of 278 in 2020, according to the Social Security Administration. This increase in popularity is attributed to the rise in choosing unique and distinctive baby names.


Lastly, several famous individuals named Arlo may help inspire the love for this name. A few notable people include:

In summary, Arlo is a versatile name with cultural and linguistic depth, making it an attractive choice for parents seeking a distinctive baby name. From its multifaceted meanings to its modern popularity, Arlo stands out as a strong, unique option.

Arlo’s recent rise in popularity is undeniable, in part due to its unique sound and versatility. This gender-neutral name has a modern yet classic feel, attracting many parents who are searching for a distinctive choice for their child.

The name Arlo first appeared on the U.S. Social Security Administration’s baby name records in 1912 but remained relatively obscure for most of the 20th century. It wasn’t until 2010 that this name started to gain traction, and since then, it has seen a meteoric rise. As of 2020, Arlo is ranked #260 on the U.S. baby name popularity chart and is rapidly climbing higher.

Internationally, Arlo also enjoys popularity in other countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. In the United Kingdom, the name has witnessed a steep ascent to the ranks of popular names, now sitting at #38 on the list of baby names in 2020.

Here’s a table highlighting Arlo’s popularity rank in recent years:

YearUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

Popular name variations and similar names for Arlo include:

A few notable people who share the name Arlo are:

Despite its recent spike in popularity, Arlo still maintains an air of uniqueness and charm. This name’s intriguing origin, along with its growing trendiness, makes it an appealing option for many parents-to-be who desire a name for their child that is both stylish and distinctive.

Celebrity Parents Choosing Arlo

The name Arlo has been gaining popularity among celebrity parents in recent years, who’ve been drawn to its unique sound and charming appeal. Some of these famous parents who have chosen the name Arlo for their children include:

Arlo has also been popular among parents from different cultures and languages, who have opted for variations of the name. Some name variations in other languages and cultures include:

The name Arlo seems to be well-suited for both boys and girls. It’s seen as a gender-neutral name that offers a fresh and modern option for parents who are seeking a unique name for their child.

In terms of sibling names, there are several options that go well with Arlo. Some suggested sibling names for Arlo include:

Interestingly, there are also some famous people named Arlo who have made a significant impact in various fields. A list of notable individuals named Arlo includes:

  1. Arlo Guthrie: An American folk singer-songwriter, famous for his storytelling style and music inspired by social and political issues.
  2. Arlo White: A well-known sports broadcaster and commentator in both the United Kingdom and United States.
  3. Arlo Parks: An up-and-coming British singer-songwriter and poet with a unique and captivating sound.

Overall, the name Arlo has been growing in popularity not just among celebrity parents, but also among parents worldwide. With its unique and gender-neutral appeal, as well as its connection to distinguished individuals from various backgrounds, Arlo is proving to be a name worth considering for parents searching for a distinctive and memorable moniker for their little ones.

In Conclusion: Arlo’s Enduring Appeal

The name Arlo has seen a surge in popularity, offering parents a unique and charming choice for their little one. Its gender-neutral appeal makes it an attractive option for parents looking for a modern name that feels fresh while maintaining a sense of history.

Arlo in different cultures and languages

Although primarily of English origin, Arlo has variations that exist across different cultures and languages. These include:

Similar and biblical names

Families searching for names that possess similar qualities to Arlo might consider the following:

Suggested sibling names

If you’re considering Arlo as a baby name, here are compatible sibling names that pair well:

Famous figures named Arlo

Arlo has been the name of several notable figures, further enhancing its appeal:

In summary, Arlo’s enduring appeal is a testament to its captivating blend of modernity and tradition. The charming, gender-neutral name has attracted parents seeking a fresh yet grounded name for their child. Its variations across cultures, connections to biblical names, and ties to prominent personalities all add to Arlo’s allure.

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