Angel: Baby Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

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Angel – a heavenly and timeless baby name that has captured the hearts of parents for generations. Whether you’re a first-time parent or an experienced one, contemplating baby names can be a challenging task. You’ll want to choose a name that reflects your love and admiration for your little one, and the name Angel could be just the perfect choice.

The name Angel holds significant meaning and history that many parents find appealing. In this article, we’ll explore the origin, meaning, and popularity of the name Angel, delving into its rich background and why parents continue to choose it for their children.

Angel, which means “messenger of God” or “divine messenger,” has its roots in ancient Greek culture. It’s derived from the Greek word “ángelos” and has been used for both boys and girls throughout the years. Even though it’s often associated with religious connotations, the name’s timeless appeal and its enchanting phonetics make it an attractive choice for parents of all backgrounds. So, if you’re considering Angel as a potential baby name, you’re in good company.

Angel: Exploring Its Meaning

Angel is a popular name that has transcended time and region. The meaning of Angel stems from the Greek word angelos, which translates to “messenger” or “the messenger of God.” Throughout history, angels have been represented as divine beings that serve as messengers for deities in various religions, making this name spiritually significant.

In addition to its Greek origin, Angel is a unisex name with different variations across languages and cultures:

Some similar names to Angel, particularly biblical names, include:

When considering sibling names, you might want to choose names that have a similar spiritual or ethereal feel to them. Some suggested sibling names are:

Famous people named Angel include:

It’s apparent that the name’s meaning resonates with many individuals across the globe. The spiritual significance of the name Angel continues to appeal to parents who seek a name with a connection to the divine.

When choosing a name for their child, parents should consider not only the meaning and origin but also cultural aspects and variations. A name with a rich history and powerful meaning, like Angel, can be a great choice for parents who wish their child to carry a piece of that spiritual connection with them.

Tracing the Name’s Origins

The name Angel has a rich history that spans multiple cultures and languages. It’s derived from the Greek word “angelos,” which means “messenger” or “messenger of God.” This name has been used throughout history to refer to both celestial beings and human messengers with divine messages.

In the Bible, angels play a vital role in God’s communication with humanity, making Angel a popular name with deep religious significance. In addition to its biblical roots, the name Angel is also commonly found in Spanish-speaking cultures. In Spanish, Ángel is a popular boy’s name, whereas Ángela or Angelina are more commonly given to girls.

Here are some name variations in other languages and cultures:

Several names hold similar significance to Angel in the context of religious texts or inspired by spiritual beliefs. Some of these names include:

Here are a few suggested sibling names for boys and girls named Angel:

Throughout history, there have been many famous people named Angel. Some of them include:

  1. Angel Di Maria: An Argentine professional soccer player currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain and the Argentina national team
  2. Ángel Corella: A Spanish artistic director and former professional ballet dancer
  3. Angel Haze: An American rapper and singer

In summary, the name Angel holds deep historical and cultural significance across various languages and religious beliefs. Whether inspired by the biblical angels or its beautiful meaning, the name Angel will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who bear it, their families, and the people they encounter throughout their lives.

Popularity of the Name Angel

Throughout the years, the name Angel has experienced varying levels of popularity. It’s a unisex name that has been adored by many parents for its divine associations and pleasant sound. In this section, I’ll explore the popularity of Angel as a baby name and take a look at its origins, similar names, and famous people named Angel.

Originally derived from the Greek word “ángelos,” which means “messenger,” Angel found its way into many cultures and languages. Here are some name variations found in other languages:

As for its popularity, Angel’s ranking in the United States has been somewhat fluctuating. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the name reached its peak of popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s. Here’s a breakdown of Angel’s ranking in the Top 100 Baby Names over the years:


While Angel isn’t as popular as it once was, it remains a beloved choice for many parents. This versatile name also lends itself to various nicknames, such as Ang, Angie, or Geli.

In terms of similar names, there is a whole host of names inspired by biblical or angelic characters. Some examples include:

When considering sibling names for a baby named Angel, it might be a good idea to choose names that also have a spiritual or divine meaning. A few suggestions are:

Throughout history, several famous personalities have shared the name Angel. Some prominent examples include:

In summary, Angel is a timeless, unisex name that has been cherished across cultures for its divine origins and melodic sound. While its popularity has fluctuated over the years, it’s still a significant choice for parents today.

Gender Preference for the Name

When considering the name Angel for a baby, it’s essential to understand its gender preference. Historically, Angel has been a unisex name, though in some cultures and languages, it leans more towards one gender.

In English-speaking countries, Angel is often perceived as a name suitable for boys and girls. However, there seems to be a slight preference for boys. According to the United States Social Security Administration data, between 2009 and 2018, 69% of babies named Angel were boys. The data from the same period tells us the following:

YearBoys (%)Girls (%)

By observing name variations in other languages and cultures, we can also gauge gender preference:

It’s helpful to know some suggested sibling names if you’re considering Angel as a name for your child. Here are a few ideas:

Biblical names are also popular for families that prefer spiritual names. Some similar names to Angel include:

Due to the name’s popularity and versatility, numerous famous people bear the name Angel. A few notable examples are:

In conclusion, Angel is a versatile, unisex name with a slight preference towards boys, especially in English-speaking countries. The gender preference may vary in different cultures and languages, as well as name variations. As you ponder this name for your child, consider suggested sibling names and the rich history of famous people and biblical names similar to Angel.

Famous People Named Angel

Throughout history, the name Angel has been quite popular among various cultures. Whether this stunning name graces actors, athletes, or musicians, one thing is clear – it’s a name with powerful connotations. In this section, I’ll be highlighting a few famous people who bear the name Angel or its variations.

Starting in the world of sports, we have Angel Di Maria, an Argentine professional footballer who’s made quite an impact on his teams. He currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain and the Argentina national team.

Another sports star with the name Angel is Angel McCoughtry, an American professional basketball player. With numerous accolades under her belt, she is known for her exceptional skills on the court and her contributions to the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Moving to the entertainment industry, we can’t ignore Mexican telenovela actress Angelique Boyer. Born in Saint-Claude, France, she later moved to Mexico and became a naturalized citizen. Boyer has won hearts around the globe, with her brilliant performances in various telenovelas.

Another notable Angel in the entertainment sector is Filipino actor, television host, and producer Angel Locsin. She is known for her mesmerizing performances in TV shows and movies, and for her work as a philanthropist.

Name variations of Angel in different languages and cultures include:

Similar and sibling names for Angel include:

In summary, the name Angel has made its presence felt in various fields, from athletics to cinema. It’s a testament to the universal appeal of this name and its evocative associations. While exploring famous people named Angel, it’s vital to mention the diverse cultures and languages where this name or its variations hold significant importance.

Conclusion: Angel as a Baby Name

Angel is indeed a beautiful and meaningful name choice for parents seeking a timeless name for their baby. The name’s origin and significance across different cultures make it attractive to many, as it represents love, protection, and guidance.

Name variations in other cultures include:

Similar names include biblical names such as:

Suggested sibling names are:

There are even several famous people named Angel. Some of them are:

When you consider the meaning, origin, and popularity of the name Angel, it’s clear that it’s an excellent option for your baby’s name. It’s no wonder that it has remained a popular name for many years, and will likely continue to be a top choice for parents in the future.

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