Adriel: Baby Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

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Choosing the perfect baby name can be both an exciting and overwhelming process for soon-to-be parents. If you’re in search of a name that’s distinctive, carries a rich meaning, and has a captivating appeal, Adriel might just be the perfect choice.

The name Adriel has its roots in Hebrew, symbolizing a strong connection to the rich culture and traditions of the Hebrew people. Meaning “flock of God” or “God’s help”, the name’s spiritual significance adds to its charm and allure. Additionally, with a touch of masculinity, Adriel has become increasingly popular as a baby name among modern parents.

Although Adriel has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, it remains a unique name choice that sets itself apart from more conventional options. So if you’re seeking a name that’s both memorable and meaningful, Adriel delivers on all fronts.

Adriel: A Biblical Name

Adriel is a unisex baby name with its origins in the Bible. It’s derived from the Hebrew name “עַדְרִיאֵל” (Adri’el), which means “flock of God” or “God is my help.” The name is both ancient and unique, with a strong spiritual connection for individuals who hold religious importance in the names they choose for their children.

As a biblical name, Adriel appears in the Old Testament in the book of 1 Samuel 18:19. In this verse, Adriel is the son of Barzillai the Meholathite, who went on to marry Merab, the eldest daughter of King Saul. Though Adriel’s presence in the Bible is limited, his connection with the first king of Israel makes the name significant for those interested in biblical names.

Variations of Adriel in different languages and cultures include:

When considering sibling names for a child named Adriel, one may find inspiration from other biblical names that carry spiritual significance. Some suggested sibling names include:

As for famous people named Adriel, there are several individuals who have graced the public eye with this name:

In conclusion, the name Adriel holds a deep, spiritual meaning rooted in its biblical origins. For families seeking a name with religious significance and a unique sound, Adriel may be an ideal choice. With its variations across languages and cultures, and its connection to other biblical names and personalities, Adriel proves to be a versatile and inspiring option for any growing family.

The Meaning Behind Adriel

Derived from the Hebrew name Adrie-El, Adriel holds a beautiful and profound meaning. It’s a combination of two words: Adir, which signifies noble or magnificent, and El, referring to God. Together, Adriel stands for “God’s majesty” or “Noble one of God.”

In the Old Testament, Adriel was the son-in-law of King Saul who married his daughter Merab. They had five sons together, as mentioned in the book of Samuel. It’s a name that’s been around for centuries and has deep roots in religious history.

Adriel’s popularity has seen growth in recent years, becoming a more common choice for parents in search of unique and meaningful baby names. It’s often chosen by parents looking for a name with a strong spiritual connection. The name is most popular among Hispanic, African American, and Jewish communities.

Here are some important facts about the name Adriel:

Name Variations and Similar Names

Adriel has variations in other languages and cultures some of which are:

Other similar names include:

Sibling Names

For parents considering Adriel for their baby, it may be helpful to suggest complementary sibling names. Here are a few ideas:

Famous People Named Adriel

While the name Adriel isn’t as prevalent among celebrities or historical figures, there are some noteworthy individuals who bear the name:

With its rich meaning and spiritual connections, Adriel is a compelling name choice for those seeking a name that reflects strength and a deep connection with God. Its variations, sibling name suggestions, and famous namesakes make it a well-rounded option for expectant parents.

Adriel’s Origins and Early Usage

The name Adriel holds various cultural and historical significance. Delving into its origins, it’s essential to note that it’s a Hebrew name with its roots in the Old Testament. The meaning of Adriel is “God’s flock” or “God’s congregation.” The Hebrew name Adriel is spelled: עַדְרִיאֵל.

In the Bible, Adriel is mentioned as the son-in-law of King Saul, who married the king’s daughter Merab. He is known for being a strong warrior and a loyal subject of Saul. Although Adriel is primarily a male name, it has gained popularity as a unisex name in recent years.

Adriel’s early usage, in various languages and cultures, has led to interesting variations and similar names, such as:

Sibling names that could complement Adriel include:

Some famous people named Adriel include:

  1. Adriel Favela: Mexican-American singer
  2. Adriel Carrion: Puerto Rican basketball player
  3. Adriel Solé: Spanish actor

Here’s a markdown table of some selected countries where Adriel is popular, and its ranking in baby name charts:

United States264

The name Adriel has a long and fascinating history spanning across various languages and cultures. Its biblical roots and meaningful connotation make it an attractive choice for parents. Adriel’s versatile usage as a unisex name adds to its popularity in various parts of the world.

Popularity of the Name Adriel

Adriel’s popularity has experienced fluctuations over the years. While not as commonly chosen as some other names, it holds its own as a unique and appealing option for parents. In fact, popularity of Adriel saw a significant increase in the early 2000s, and it has since remained a popular choice for baby names.

According to the Social Security Administration, Adriel ranked #245 in the list of popular baby names in the United States in 2020. This statistic reveals that it’s not an overly common name, allowing parents to choose a less mainstream option for their child.

For reference, here’s a table with the ranking of Adriel in the last five years:


Adriel’s origin can be traced back to the Hebrew language, where the name is derived from the words “ad-ra-el,” meaning “God is my help.” The name appears in the Old Testament, as Adriel was the son-in-law of Saul. It is also linked to names like Adrian and Ariel, which enjoy their own share of popularity.

In other languages and cultures, Adriel has a few interesting variations:

A few sibling name suggestions for Adriel are:

Several famous people share the name Adriel, which adds an extra appeal for parents considering this name for their child:

In summary, while Adriel may not be the most common name, it’s a beautiful choice with a rich history and cultural significance. As a result, it remains a popular choice for parents looking to give their child a distinguished and uncommon name.

Famous People Named Adriel

While Adriel may not be an exceedingly common name, there are a few notable individuals sharing this moniker who have gained recognition in various fields. Some of these individuals include:

In different languages and cultures, the name Adriel has some variations as well:

Some similar names linked to this unique name include biblical names such as:

When considering suggested sibling names that pair well with Adriel, possibilities could be:

Having explored the backgrounds of famous individuals named Adriel, it’s clear that people with this name have made their mark across a range of professions. Their talents span from sports and fashion design to creative arts and music. With these inspiring examples, the name Adriel is sure to stand out as a thoughtful choice for parents seeking an original name for their child.

Conclusion: Adriel’s Lasting Appeal

Adriel’s popularity as a baby name has persisted throughout the years. It’s likely due to its unique sound, as well as its meaningful origin. The name’s appeal transcends cultural boundaries and lends itself well to various languages and backgrounds.

Some variations of the name Adriel in other languages and cultures include:

Similar names, many with biblical connections, that may also be of interest are:

Suggested sibling names for Adriel include:

Several famous individuals named Adriel include:

Overall, Adriel continues to be an attractive name choice for parents who prefer meaningful and unique names with biblical connections. Its lasting appeal ensures that it’ll remain a popular option for years to come.

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