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1 Sa'aadat Muslim Variant of Sa'adat: Happiness. Bliss.. M
2 Sa'ad Muslim Felicity. Good fortune. Good luck.. M
3 Sa'adat Muslim Happiness. Bliss.. M
4 Sa'eed Muslim Variant of Sa'id: Happy. Lucky. Rivulet[See Muslim Names in Help file for usage guidelines]. M
5 Sa'id Muslim Happy. Lucky. Rivulet[See Muslim Names in Help file for usage guidelines]. M
6 Sa'ood Muslim Variant of Sa'ud: Felicities. Good fortunes.. M
7 Sa'ud Muslim Felicities. Good fortunes.. M
8 Saa Egyptian A nature god. M
9 Saabiq Muslim Variant of Sabiq: Antecedent. Preceding.. M

10 Saabir Muslim Variant of Sabir: Patient. Enduring.. M
11 Saad Muslim Variant of Sa'ad: Felicity. Good fortune. Good luck.. M
12 Saadaat Muslim Variant of Sadat: Master. Gentleman.. M
13 Saadya Hebrew God's helper. M
14 Saagh Muslim Variant of Sagh: Listener. In order.. M
15 Saaghir Muslim Variant of Saghir: Submissive. Yielding.. M
16 Saahib Muslim Variant of Sahib: Companion. Follower.. M
17 Saahir Muslim Variant of Sahir: Charming. Enchanting. Wakeful.. M
18 Saajid Muslim Variant of Sajid: Prostrator. Adotar. One who worships God.. M
19 Saal Tamil (Completion, nobility) M
20 Saalan Tamil (comes from the word Sal which means Completion) M
21 Saaleh Muslim Variant of Salih: Good. Virtuous.. M
22 Saalih Muslim Variant of Salih: Good. Virtuous.. M
23 Saalik Muslim Variant of Salik: Follower of a spiritual path.. M
24 Saalim Muslim Variant of Salim: Secure. Safe. Mild. Free.. M
25 Saaloot Muslim Variant of Salut: The Biblical Saul is the English language equivalent.. M
26 Saaral Tamil Saaral M
27 Saariyah Muslim Variant of Sariyah: Clouds at night.. M
28 Sabaah Muslim Variant of Sabah: Morning. Bright.. M
29 Sabah Muslim Morning. Bright.. M
30 Sabaoth Biblical Lord of hosts M
31 Sabastian Greek Revered. The twin brother of Viola in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. A third-century martyred centurion who became St. Sebastian patron saint of soldiers. M
32 Sabastian Latin Revered. The twin brother of Viola in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. A third-century martyred centurion who became St. Sebastian patron saint of soldiers. M
33 Sabeans Biblical Captivity, conversion, old age. M
34 Sabeeh Muslim Variant of Sabeh: Pretty. Handsome. Beautiful.. M
35 Sabeh Muslim Pretty. Handsome. Beautiful.. M
36 Saber French Sword. M
37 Sabih Arabic Handsome. M
38 Sabin Latin A Sabine. M
39 Sabino Latin A Sabine. M
40 Sabino Spanish A Sabine. M
41 Sabinus Latin A Sabine. M
42 Sabiq Muslim Antecedent. Preceding.. M
43 Sabir Arabic Patient. M
44 Sabir Muslim Patient. Enduring.. M
45 Sabola Egyptian Pepper. M
46 Sabooh Muslim Variant of Sabuh: Bright. Radiant.. M
47 Sabtah Biblical A going about or circuiting, old age. M
48 Sabtechah Biblical That surrounds, that causes wounding. M
49 Sabuh Muslim Bright. Radiant.. M
50 Sacar Biblical Wares, a price. M
51 Sacha Greek Variant of Alexander: Defender of men. Alexander the Great was a 4th century Macedonian king for whom the Egyptian city of Alexandria is named. Eight popes and three Russian emperors have been named Alexander. Also means avenger. M
52 Sacha Russian Defender of man. M
53 Sacheverell French Surname and place name. M
54 Sachi Indian Descended from the sun god. M
55 Sachio Japanese Fortunately born. M
56 Sadaaqat Muslim Variant of Sadaqat: Sincerity. Truth.. M
57 Sadaqat Muslim Sincerity. Truth.. M
58 Sadat Muslim Master. Gentleman.. M
59 Sadducees Biblical Followers of Sadoc, or Zadok. M
60 Sadiki Egyptian Faithful. M
61 Sadiq Arabic Friend. M
62 Sadoc Biblical Just, justified, righteous. M
63 Sadwm Welsh Welsh form of Saturn 'god of the harvest'. M
64 Saebeorht English Glory at sea. M
65 Saeed Persian Happy. M
66 Saeger English Seaman. M
67 Saehrimnir Norse A mythical magic boar. M
68 Saelac German Blessed. M
69 Saelig English From the happy meadow. M
70 Saer Welsh Carpenter. M
71 Saewald English Sea powerful. M
72 Saeweard English Sea guardian. M
73 Safdar Muslim Piercing lines. Fighter.. M
74 Safeer Muslim Variant of Safir: Mediator. Ambassador.. M
75 Safford English From the willow ford. M
76 Safir Muslim Mediator. Ambassador.. M
77 Safiy Muslim Best friend.. M
78 Safwan Muslim Old Arabic name. Rocks.. M
79 Sagan Slavic Wise one. Surname. M
80 Sagar English Wise one. Surname. M
81 Sage English Wise one. M
82 Sage French Wise one. M
83 Sagh Muslim Listener. In order.. M
84 Sagheer Muslim Variant of Saghir: Small. Minor. Submissive. Yielding.. M
85 Saghir Arabic Short. M
86 Saghir Muslim Small. Minor. Submissive. Yielding.. M
87 Sagramour ArthurianLegend A knight. M
88 Sagremor ArthurianLegend A knight. M
89 Sahak Armenian Armenian form of Isaac. M
90 Sahale NativeAmerican Falcon. M
91 Sahan Indian Falcon. M
92 Sahen Indian Above. M
93 Sahib Muslim Companion. Follower.. M
94 Sahir Arabic Wakeful. M
95 Sahir Indian Friend. M
96 Sahir Muslim Charming. Enchanting. Wakeful.. M
97 Said Persian Happy. M
98 Saif Muslim Sword. Saber.. M
99 Saith Welsh Seven. M
100 Sajag Indian Watchful. M