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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Paarai Biblical Opening. M
2 Paaveli Finnish Finnish form of Paul. M
3 Paaveli Latin Small. M
4 Paavo Finnish Finnish form of Paul. M
5 Paavo Latin Small. M
6 Paavo Scandinavian Little. M
7 Pabiyan Russian Russian form of Fabian 'bean farmer'. M
8 Pablo Latin Variant of Paul: Little; small. M
9 Pablo Spanish Variant of Paul: Small. Famous Bearer: artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). M

10 Pacho Spanish Free. M
11 Pachu'a NativeAmerican Feathered water snake (Hopi). M
12 Paco NativeAmerican Eagle. M
13 Paco Spanish Free. M
14 Pacorro Spanish Free. M
15 Padan-aram Biblical Cultivated field or table-land. M
16 Paddy Irish Diminutive of Patrick: noble. Paddy is also sometimes used as a slang term for Irishman or for a temper tantrum. M
17 Paddy Latin Regal; noble. Diminutive of Patrick. M
18 Paden Scottish Royal. M
19 Padgett French Attendant. M
20 Padhraig Latin Regal. M
21 Padon Biblical His redemption; ox-yoke M
22 Padraic Irish Patrician; noble. Form of Patrick. M
23 Padraig Irish Noble. M
24 Padraig Latin Variant of Patrick: Regal; noble. M
25 Padriac Irish Noble. M
26 Padriac Latin Regal. M
27 Padric Irish Patrician; noble. Form of Patrick. M
28 Padrig Welsh Welsh form of Patrick 'noble'. M
29 Padruig Gaelic Gaelic form of Patrick. M
30 Padruig Scottish Royal. M
31 Paegastun English From the fighter's farm. M
32 Paella English Mantle. M
33 Pafko Czechoslovakian Czechoslovakian for son of Paul. M
34 Paganus Latin Villager. M
35 Page Anglo-Saxon Page. M
36 Page French Attendant. M
37 Page Shakespearean 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' A Gentleman of Windsor. Also William Page, his son. M
38 Paget French Attendant. M
39 Pagiel Biblical Prevention; or prayer; of God M
40 Pahana NativeAmerican Lost white brother (Hopi). M
41 Pahath-Moab Biblical Ruler of Moab M
42 Pai Biblical Howling, sighing. M
43 Paien French Name of a nobleman. M
44 Paige Anglo-Saxon Page. M
45 Paige French Attendant. M
46 Paine English Pagan. M
47 Paine Latin Rustic. M
48 Pakalon Tamil Sol, sun – this is a precious word used only once in the entire Sangam literature -in Akananuru 201 M
49 Paki Egyptian Witness. M
50 Pal Latin Small. M
51 Pal Scandinavian Little. Form of Paul. M
52 Palaemon Greek A sea god. M
53 Palal Biblical Thinking. M
54 Palamedes ArthurianLegend A knight. M
55 Palamedes Greek Son of Nauplius. M
56 Palash Indian Flowering tree. M
57 Palban Spanish Blond. M
58 Palben Basque Blond. M
59 Palben Spanish Blond. M
60 Pales Latin God of cattle. M
61 Palestina Biblical Which is covered, watered, or brings and causes ruin. M
62 Palika Latin Small. M
63 Palinurus Latin Pilot of Aeneas's boat. M
64 Pallaton NativeAmerican Warrior. M
65 Pallu Biblical Admirable, hidden. Marvelous. M
66 Palmer English Pilgrim; bearing a palm branch. M
67 Palmer Latin Pilgrim. M
68 Palmere English Pilgrim. M
69 Palomydes ArthurianLegend A knight. M
70 Palsmedes ArthurianLegend A knight. M
71 Palt el Hebrew God liberates. M
72 Palti Biblical Deliverance, flight. M
73 Palti Hebrew God liberates. M
74 Paltiel Biblical Deliverance; or banishment; of God M
75 Pamphylia Biblical A nation made up of every tribe. M
76 Pan Greek God of flocks. M
77 Panagiotis Greek All or holy. M
78 Panan Tamil bard, also name of a small region king M
79 Panchika Indian Husband of Abhirati. M
80 Panchito Teutonic Free. M
81 Pancho Spanish Nickname for Francisco and Frank. M
82 Pancratius Greek Supreme ruler. M
83 Pandareos Greek A thief. M
84 Pandarus Greek Killed for breaking a truce. M
85 Pandarus Latin A Trojan soldier. M
86 Pandarus Shakespearean 'The History of Troilus and Cressida' Uncle to Cressida. M
87 Pander Shakespearean 'Pericles, Prince of Tyre' A Pander. M
88 Pandiyan Tamil Pandiyan M
89 Pandu Indian Pale. M
90 Pandulph Shakespearean 'King John' Cardinal Pandulph, the Pope's legate. M
91 Pani Indian Pagan. M
92 Pannan Tamil A small region king M
93 Pannoowau NativeAmerican He lies (Algonquin). M
94 Panos Greek Rock. M
95 Pant ArthurianLegend Father of Lancelot. M
96 Panteleimon Greek Merciful. M
97 Panthino Shakespearean 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' Servant to Antonio. M
98 Pany Welsh Son of Harry. M
99 Paola Latin Small. M
100 Paolo Italian Italian form of Paul: Small. M