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1 Kaachim Indian Where clouds rest; A sacred tree M
2 Kaal Indian Time; Destiny; Occasion; Black; Destruction; Death black; Another name for Krishna and Shiva M
3 Kaalik Indian Darkness; Long-lived M
4 Kaam Indian The effort; Work; Desire; Passion; Love; Delight; The God of Love M
5 Kaamaj Indian Born of Love M
6 Kaamat Indian Unrestrained; Free M
7 Kaamik Indian Desired M
8 Kaamil Muslim Variant of Kamil: Complete. Perfect.. M
9 Kaamod Indian One who grants wishes; Generous; A musical Raag M

10 Kaamuk Indian Passionate; Desired; Sensual; Lover M
11 Kaanan Indian A garden; Forest; The mouth of Brahma M
12 Kaanchanadhwaja Indian One of the Kauravas M
13 Kaanha Indian Young; Lord Krishna M
14 Kaanishik Indian An ancient king M
15 Kaanishk Indian An ancient king; Small; A king who followed Buddhism M
16 Kaant Indian Husband; Adored; Precious; Pleasant; Spring; Beloved by the Moon; The Moon pleasant M
17 Kaarl Finnish Strong. M
18 Kaarle Finnish Strong. M
19 Kaarle French Strong and masculine. M
20 Kaarlo Finnish Strong. M
21 Kaarlo French Strong and masculine. M
22 Kaarthika Indian Son of Lord Shiva; Leader of Deva army; Hindu month; Character of Angel; A star M
23 Kaartikeya Indian Son of Lord Shiva; Brave; Vigorous; Active; Inspiring with courage; The planet mars M
24 Kaaru Indian Maker; Poet M
25 Kaash Indian Appearance M
26 Kaashif Muslim Variant of Kashif: Revealing. Discoverer.. M
27 Kaashik Indian The shining one; Brilliant; Another name for the city of Banaras M
28 Kaashin Indian Brilliant; Lord of Kashi, Varanasi or Lord Shiva M
29 Kaashya Indian Rush-bottom; Grass M
30 Kaashyap Indian A famous sage; Lily; One who drinks water M
31 Kaazim Muslim Variant of Kazim: Restrainer. Controller of anger.. M
32 Kabalikrut Indian Swallower of the Sun M
33 Kabalikruta Indian One who swallowed the Sun M
34 Kabandha Indian Ugly giant. M
35 Kabilan Indian Lord Ganesh; Name of a saint M
36 Kabilash Indian Always Good M
37 Kabzeel Biblical The congregation of God. M
38 Kacey English Form of the Irish name Casey; also a creation based on the initials K. C. M
39 Kach Indian One who is empty; Hollow; Vain; Hair; Splendour; Attractiveness; Cloud M
40 Kachada NativeAmerican White man (Hopi). M
41 Kachap Indian Cloud drinker; Leaf M
42 Kadalan Tamil (Kadalanār is the name of a Sangam poet) M
43 Kadamb Indian Name of a tree M
44 Kadamban Indian Lord Murugan; Muruga came to Tamilnadu with Kadamba rulers, Muruga wields the Kadamba stalk in his hands M
45 Kadar Arabic Strong. M
46 Kade Gaelic From the wetlands. M
47 Kade Scottish From the wetlands. M
48 Kaden Arabic Companion. M
49 Kadesh Biblical Holiness. M
50 Kadesh-barnea Biblical Holiness of an inconstant son M
51 Kadin Arabic Companion. M
52 Kadir Arabic Green. M
53 Kaditula Indian Sword M
54 Kadmiel Biblical God of antiquity; God of rising M
55 Kadmonites Biblical Ancients; chiefs M
56 Kadmus Greek From the east. M
57 Kaedee English Rhyming variant of Katy or Cady. M
58 Kael Gaelic Slender; fair. Form of Caelan. M
59 Kaelan Gaelic Slender; fair. Form of Caelan. M
60 Kaelin Gaelic Slender; fair. Form of Caelan. M
61 Kaemon Japanese Joyful; righthanded. Old Samurai name. M
62 Kafeel Muslim Variant of Kafil: Responsible. Sponsor.. M
63 Kafele Egyptian Would die for. M
64 Kafil Muslim Responsible. Sponsor.. M
65 Kafka Czechoslovakian Bird. M
66 Kaga NativeAmerican Chronicler. M
67 Kagan Irish A thinker; fiery. Form of Hugh. M
68 Kagen Irish A thinker; fiery. Form of Hugh. M
69 Kahaan Indian The world; Lord Krishna; Universe M
70 Kahan Indian The world; Lord Krishna; Universe M
71 Kaher Indian Anger M
72 Kaherdin ArthurianLegend Brother of Isolde. M
73 Kahkashan Indian Stars M
74 Kahleil Arabic Friend. M
75 Kahlil Arabic Friend. M
76 Kai Hawaiian The sea. M
77 Kai Scottish Fire. M
78 Kai Welsh Keeper of the keys. Form of Kay. M
79 Kaif Muslim Pleasure. High spirits.. M
80 Kaila Hawaiian Style. M
81 Kailas Indian One who bestows peace; Name of a Himalayan peak; Abode of Lord Shiva M
82 Kailash Indian One who bestows peace; Name of a Himalayan peak; Abode of Lord Shiva M
83 Kailashadhipati Indian Lord of mount Kailash M
84 Kailashchandra Indian Lord Shiva, Lord of Mount Kailash or Lord Shiva M
85 Kailashnath Indian Master of mount Kailash, Lord Shiva M
86 Kailasnath Indian Master of mount Kailash, Lord Shiva M
87 Kailene English Variant of Kay and Kayla. 'keeper of the keys; pure.'. M
88 Kaimi Hawaiian The seeker. M
89 Kaine Gaelic Tribute. M
90 Kairabh Indian Born from lotus M
91 Kairav Indian White Lotus; Born of water; Gambler M
92 Kaiser German emperor; variant of Caesar. M
93 Kaishik Indian Passion; Fine; Hair-like; Love; Vigour; A musical Raag M
94 Kaitak Indian Coming from the Kerva tree, Tree M
95 Kaitav Indian Hindu sage; An old Rushi; Deceitful; Gambler M
96 Kaivally Indian Kaivally M
97 Kaivalya Indian Perfect isolation; Salvation; Bliss M
98 Kaj Greek Earth. M
99 Kajesh Indian Kajesh M
100 Kajetan Italian From Gaete. M