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1 Baabar Muslim Variant of Babar: Lion. King of jungle.. M
2 Baadal Indian Cloud M
3 Baahir Muslim Variant of Bahir: Dazzling. Brilliant.. M
4 Baal Biblical Master; lord M
5 Baal-berith Biblical Idol of the covenant. M
6 Baal-gad Biblical Idol of fortune or felicity. M
7 Baal-hamon Biblical Who rules a crowd M
8 Baal-hermon Biblical Possessor of destruction or of a thing cursed M
9 Baal-meon Biblical Idol or master of the house M

10 Baal-peor Biblical Master of the opening M
11 Baal-perazim Biblical God of divisions M
12 Baal-shalisha Biblical The god that presides over three; the third idol M
13 Baal-tamar Biblical Master of the palm-tree M
14 Baal-zebub Biblical God of the fly M
15 Baal-zephon Biblical The idol or possession of the north, hidden, secret. M
16 Baala Indian Child; A young girl; Vigour; Strength M
17 Baala Tamil Child M
18 Baalath Biblical A rejoicing; our proud lord M
19 Baalath-beer Biblical Subjected pit. M
20 Baali Biblical My idol; lord over me M
21 Baalim Biblical Idols; masters; false gods M
22 Baalis Biblical A rejoicing; a proud lord M
23 Baalzebub Biblical The devil; fallen angel M
24 Baanah Biblical In the answer, in affliction. M
25 Baaqir. Baqeer Muslim Variant of Baqir: Deeply learned. Genius.. M
26 Baaseiah Biblical In making, in pressing together. M
27 Baasha Biblical He that seeks or lays waste M
28 Baasim Muslim Variant of Basim: Smiling.. M
29 Baasu Hindi Prosperous. M
30 Baba Egyptian Osiris's firstborn. M
31 Babafemi African Nigerian for 'my father loves me'. M
32 Babafemi Egyptian Beloved of his father. M
33 Babala Indian Above M
34 Baban Indian Conqueror M
35 Babar Hindi Lion. M
36 Babar Muslim Lion. King of jungle.. M
37 Babeesh Indian Babeesh M
38 Babel Biblical Confusion, mixture. M
39 Baber Hindi Variant of Babar: Lion. M
40 Babu Egyptian Osiris's firstborn. M
41 Babu Indian A pet name M
42 Babul Indian Father M
43 Babylon Biblical Confusion, mixture. M
44 Bac Scottish Bank. M
45 Baca Biblical A mulberry-tree. M
46 Baccaus Greek Name of Dionysus. M
47 Bacchus Latin God of wine. M
48 Baccus Greek Name of Dionysus. M
49 Bachir Hebrew Oldest son. M
50 Bachur Hebrew Young man. M
51 Backstere English Baker. M
52 Bacstair Gaelic Baker. M
53 Badal Indian Cloud M
54 Badan Welsh Boar. M
55 Badar Arabic Full moon. M
56 Badari Indian A place sacred to Lord Vishnu M
57 Badden Welsh Boar. M
58 Baddon Welsh From Baddon. M
59 Baden English Surname. M
60 Badr Arabic Variant of Badar: Full moon. M
61 Badr Muslim Full Moon.. M
62 Badr Aldin Arabic Led by Allah. M
63 Badri Indian {h} Lord Vishnu; {m} Bright night M
64 Badri Narayanan Indian Lord Vishnu; Badri - cloud, Narayana -son of Nar or the original man; Man who lives in water, i.e., Vishnu M
65 Badrinath Indian Lord of mount Badri M
66 Badriprasad Indian Gift of Badri M
67 Badru Arabic Variant of Badar: Full moon. M
68 Badru Egyptian Born during the full moon. M
69 Badrudeen Muslim Full moon of the Faith.. M
70 Badrudin Muslim Variant of Badrudeen: Full moon of the Faith.. M
71 Baecere Anglo-Saxon Baker. M
72 Baeddan Welsh Boar. M
73 Baen Scottish Fair skinned. M
74 Baerhloew English Ruler or lives on the bare hill. M
75 Baethan Irish Foolish. M
76 Bagdemagus ArthurianLegend Father of Meleagant. M
77 Baghel Arabic Ox. M
78 Bagira Indian Loving & nurturing M
79 Bagot Shakespearean 'King Richard The Second' A favorite of King Richard. M
80 Bagwunagijik NativeAmerican Variant of Buegoneguig: Chippewa name meaning hole in the sky. M
81 Bagyaraj Indian Lord of luck M
82 Baha Arabic Brilliance, magnificent. M
83 Baha Muslim Beautiful. Magnificent.. M
84 Bahaadur Muslim Variant of Bahadur: Brave. Bold.. M
85 Bahadur Muslim Brave. Bold.. M
86 Bahaudeen Muslim The magnificent of the Faith.. M
87 Bahaudin Muslim Variant of Bahaudeen: The magnificent of the Faith.. M
88 Bahgat Arabic Variant of Bahjat: Happiness. M
89 Bahir Arabic Luminous;sparkling. M
90 Bahir Muslim Dazzling. Brilliant.. M
91 Bahiyudeen Muslim The magnificent of the Faith.. M
92 Bahiyudin Muslim Variant of Bahiyudeen: The magnificent of the Faith.. M
93 Bahjat Arabic Happiness. M
94 Bahlol Muslim Leader of a tribe. Jester.. M
95 Bahram Persian Name of a Persian king. M
96 Bahubali Indian A Jain tirthakar M
97 Bahul Indian A Star M
98 Bahuleya Indian Lord Kartikeya; Bahu - a lot; Abundant M
99 Bahuleyan Indian Lord Murugan; Bahu - a lot; Abundant M
100 Bahuliya Indian Lord Kartikeya; Bahu - a lot; Abundant M