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1 A'waan Muslim Helper. Assister.. M
2 A'zam Muslim Greatest. Biggest.. M
3 Aabhas Indian Feeling; Virtual M
4 Aabhat Indian Shining; Visible; Brilliant M
5 Aabheer Indian A cowherd; Name of a dynasty M
6 Aabid Muslim Worshipper. Adorer.. M
7 Aabir Indian Gulal M
8 Aacharya Indian A prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide; Teacher M
9 Aachman Indian Intake of a sip of water before a Yagya, Puja M

10 Aadalarasan Tamil Attraction M
11 Aadalarasu Tamil King of Dance M
12 Aadalazhagan Tamil Aadalazhagan M
13 Aadam Muslim Variant of Adam: The Biblical Adam is the English language equivalent.. M
14 Aadamya Indian Apne Dam par M
15 Aadarselvan Tamil Aadarselvan M
16 Aadarsh Indian Ideal; The Sun; Principle; Belief; Excellence M
17 Aadarsha Indian Idol; Mentor; With an ideology M
18 Aadavan Indian The Sun M
19 Aadeel Muslim Variant of Aadil: Just.. M
20 Aadesh Indian Command; Message; Counsel M
21 Aadhar Indian Base M
22 Aadhav Indian Ruler M
23 Aadhavan Indian The Sun M
24 Aadhirai Indian A special star M
25 Aadhiren Indian Dark M
26 Aadhiroop Indian Aadhiroop M
27 Aadhish Indian Full of wisdom; Intelligent; Commanded; Counselled M
28 Aadhyatm Indian Dhyan M
29 Aadi Hindi Beginning. M
30 Aadi Indian Adornment; Beginning; Perfect; Most significant; Ornament; Unequalled; First M
31 Aadia Indian Being a gift; First; Unequalled; Perfect; The Earth; Another name for Durga; Perfect; The initial reality M
32 Aadidev Indian The Lord of the Lords; The first God M
33 Aadijay Indian The first victory M
34 Aadijith Indian First victory M
35 Aadiksh Indian Aadiksh M
36 Aadil Muslim Just.. M
37 Aadim Indian The entire universe; First; Foundation; Original M
38 Aadinath Indian The first Lord; Lord Vishnu M
39 Aadipta Indian Bright M
40 Aadish Indian Full of wisdom; Intelligent; Commanded; Counselled M
41 Aadishankar Indian Sri shankaracharya, Founder of Adwaitha philosophy M
42 Aadit Indian Peak; Lord of the Sun; First M
43 Aaditey Indian Son of Aditi; The Sun M
44 Aaditeya Indian The Sun (Son of Aditi) M
45 Aadith Indian Peak; Lord of the Sun; First M
46 Aadithya Indian Aditi s son, The Sun, Sun God M
47 Aadithyakethu Indian One of the Kauravas M
48 Aaditva Indian A variant of Aditya: the Sun M
49 Aaditya Indian Aditi s son, The Sun, Sun God M
50 Aadiv Indian Delicate M
51 Aadiya Muthu Tamil Aadiya Muthu M
52 Aadvay Indian Unique; One; United; With no duplicate M
53 Aadvik Indian Unique M
54 Aadyant Indian Infinite from Adi to Ant; From begining to end M
55 Aadyot Indian Praise; Brilliant M
56 Aagam Indian Coming; Arrival; A name of Jain shastra; Insight; Intelligence; Wisdom M
57 Aagam Tamil coming, arrival M
58 Aage Norse Ancestors. M
59 Aaghaa Muslim Variant of Agha: Master. Owner.. M
60 Aaghosh Indian Lapped M
61 Aagney Indian Karna, the great warrior; One who is born from fire(Son of the fire) M
62 Aagneya Indian Karna; the great warrior; One who is born from fire(Son of the fire) M
63 Aagniv Indian Aagniv M
64 Aahan Indian Dawn; Sunrise; Morning glory; First ray of light; One who is of the nature of time itself M
65 Aahi Indian Soul; Spirit M
66 Aahil Indian Prince M
67 Aahlaad Indian Delight; Joy; Happy; Happiness M
68 Aahlad Indian Delight; Joy; Happy; Happiness M
69 Aahnik Indian Prayer M
70 Aahva Indian Beloved M
71 Aahvan Indian An invitation call M
72 Aaira Indian The beginning; The principle; The breathe of life M
73 Aaish Indian Delight; Joy; Pleasure; God blessings M
74 Aakaar Indian Shape; Form M
75 Aakalp Indian Unlimited M
76 Aakampan Indian Unshaken; Calm; Determined M
77 Aakanksh Indian Hope; Desire M
78 Aakar Indian Shape; Form M
79 Aakarsh Indian Attractive M
80 Aakarshak Indian Attractive M
81 Aakarshan Indian Attraction; Charm M
82 Aakash Indian The Sky; Open mindedness M
83 Aakash Laxmi Indian Aakash Laxmi M
84 Aakashi Indian The Sky; Universal; Atmosphere M
85 Aakav Hindi Shape. M
86 Aakesh Hindi Lord of the sky. M
87 Aakesh Indian Lord of the Sky M
88 Aakhyaan Indian Legend story of famous person M
89 Aakif Muslim Given Attached.. M
90 Aakil Hindi Intelligent. M
91 Aakrit Indian Shape M
92 Aakruti Indian Shape; Structure M
93 Aakshaya Indian Eternal; Immortal; Indestructible; Goddess Parvati M
94 Aakshya Indian Eternal; Immortal; Indestructible; Goddess Parvati M
95 Aakurthi Indian Aakurthi M
96 Aalakshya Indian Visible M
97 Aalam Muslim World. Universe.. M
98 Aalamb Indian Sanctuary M
99 Aalamgeer Muslim Variant of Alamgir: Conqueror of the world.. M
100 Aalap Indian Musical prelude; Conversation M