Baby Names That Mean Sweet

By Cris Rizk •  Updated: 06/21/23

Choosing the perfect baby name can be a sweet and enjoyable process, especially when you’re seeking a name that conveys the essence of sweetness. Throughout various cultures and languages, there are countless baby names with meanings that pay homage to the delightful nature of sweetness. I’ve taken the time to explore some of the most charming options that’ll surely give you a sense of warmth and happiness.

Today, I’ll share a list of baby names with an underlying meaning or association with sweetness. From popular picks to hidden gems, these names are perfect for new parents looking for a lovely, tender moniker for their little bundle of joy. With roots in various languages and cultures, each name on this list has its own unique story and history that make them truly special.

So, get ready to discover some of the most endearing baby names that embrace the essence of sweetness and might just be the ideal choice for your little one. Whether you prefer classic names or something more contemporary, there’s something delightful to be found for every taste and preference.

When it comes to selecting a baby name, parents often look for names that hold a special meaning. Sweet names are particularly endearing and carry a sense of warmth, charm, and positivity. I’ve compiled a list of baby names for both boys and girls that convey sweetness in their meanings.

For girls, some popular names that signify sweetness are:

For boys, consider these popular sweet-themed names:

Before finalizing your baby’s name, it’s essential to understand the cultural background, significance, and pronunciation of the name you’ve chosen. This will ensure that you pick one which not only has a sweet meaning but also resonates with your family’s values and culture. Happy naming!

Unique and Uncommon Sweet Baby Names

After exploring the popular sweet baby names, I can’t help but uncover some unique and uncommon options as well. These names are perfect for parents who want to give their little one a distinctive name that still embodies the essence of sweetness. So, let me share some of my discoveries with you.

Candace is a name with Greek origins, and it means “sweet” or “sparkling.” This rare name is ideal for those who want a name connected to royalty, as it was a title used by ancient Ethiopian queens. Sherin is another name, and it’s of Persian origin. It translates to “sweetness” and can be used for both baby boys and girls.

I also found a couple of stunning names with Japanese origins. One of them is Amai, meaning “sweet” in Japanese, and it works perfectly for a baby girl. The other name is Kanmi, meaning “sweet taste,” which can be used for either a girl or a boy. Japanese names often have a calming and peaceful perception, adding an extra layer of sweetness to them.

Moving on, I stumbled upon the charming name Dulcina, which has Latin roots and translates to “sweet” or “sugar cane.” Another Latin-origin name is Meliora, meaning “better” or “sweeter.” These names have an elegance and grace that make them great choices for baby girls.

Here’s a short list of some other unique sweet baby names:

These unique and uncommon sweet baby names truly offer something special for those who wish to bring a sense of sweetness into their baby’s life. And with such a diverse selection to choose from, there’s bound to be a name that feels just right for your little one. Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path and select a name that stands out, as it can bring joy and pride to your child throughout their life.

Sweet Names for Girls

Choosing a sweet name for your baby girl can be an exciting and memorable experience. From names inspired by sweet treats, to those with meanings related to sweetness, there are countless options to choose from. In this section, I’ll share some of my favorite baby girls’ names that mean sweet, as well as their histories, origins, and meanings.

Amara: With both African and Indo-European roots, Amara means “grace, mercy, kindness” in Igbo, a Nigerian language, and “eternal” in Sanskrit. This beautiful name’s link to sweetness comes from its close association with gentle and loving qualities.

Dulcie: A lovely name deriving from the Latin word “dulcis,” which means “sweet” or “pleasant.” It has an Old French origin and is a feminine version of the name Dulcis. Dulcie is an uncommon yet enduring choice for baby girls with a sweet meaning.

Melina: A Greek name that means “honey” or “sweet as honey.” Melina is a unique and charming option for parents who want a name that reflects the sweetness of honey.

Mielikki: Stemming from Finnish mythology, Mielikki is the goddess of forests and the guardian of animals. Mielikki’s name means “honey,” tying her to both sweetness and nature. This name is an enchanting choice for parents seeking a name rooted in mythology and sweetness.

Aishah: An Arabic name meaning “living, prosperous, life.” Aishah’s sweet connection comes from being the name of one of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) wives, who was known for her kindness and compassion. This name has a sweetness derived from its historical association with kindness.

Keep in mind that cultural influences and personal tastes may affect your decision. Here are some additional sweet names for girls:

Each of these names carries a meaning related to sweetness, whether it’s through an association with sweet treats or an underlying sense of love, kindness, and warmth. As you consider your options for your baby girl’s name, remember that the most important factor is how you feel about it. Trust your instincts and choose a name that resonates with you – after all, sweetness is in the eye, or name, of the beholder!

Sweet Names for Boys

As a parent-to-be, I know that choosing a name for your baby is an important task. Since I’ve been on the lookout for baby names with delightful meanings, I’ve come across a variety of options that mean “sweet.” In this section, I’ll share some of my favorite sweet names for boys.

Anakin is a unique choice that’s gained some popularity, thanks to the Star Wars saga. Surprisingly, this name has its roots in the Greek language and means “sweet-faced.”

Another versatile option is Dulce, which comes from Latin and translates to “sweet” or “pleasant.” Although Dulce might commonly be thought of as a girl’s name, it’s not uncommon for boys to be named Dulce as well.

If you favor Irish names, Meldon could be the perfect fit. Meldon is an Irish boy’s name that translates to “sweet-sounding” or “melodious.”

For those who appreciate the beauty of Japanese names, Manami fits the bill. Traditionally a unisex name, Manami means “loving, or sweet” in Japanese. While this name leans more toward being a girl’s name, it’s certainly suitable for a boy as well.

Here are some additional sweet names for boys:

Fun Fact: Celebrities like Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts have named their children after sweets. Julia named her son Phinnaeus Walter which means “sweet-sounding” and Emma named her baby boy Rhodes Robert which translates to “sweet”!

Aside from choosing a name that directly means “sweet,” you could look into names inspired by sweet treats and flavors. For instance, Honey or Candy might be a bit too daring, but names like Caramel and Maple add a subtle sweetness to your baby boy’s name.

In conclusion, I hope you find this list of sweet names for boys helpful and inspiring. Whether you’re looking for something classic like Meldon or something more adventurous like Anakin, there’s a sweet name waiting to be discovered for your precious baby boy.

Endearing Gender-Neutral Names

When it comes to choosing a sweet baby name, sometimes opting for a gender-neutral name can be the perfect choice. They offer a sense of uniqueness and individuality, freeing your child from the constraints of traditional gender roles. I’ve compiled a list of some lovely gender-neutral names that carry the meaning of sweetness or have a sweet-sounding ring to them. Let’s take a look at these delightful options:

A table of these names and their meanings is available below:

AmesFriendFrench, English
DulceSweet, SweetnessLatin
HoneySweetness of honey, warmthEnglish
MikaBeautiful fragrance, sweet-naturedJapanese, Nordic

If you prefer a more distinctive and unusual choice, you might want to think about options such as:

Here’s a table showcasing these unique names and their meanings:

GanixSweet little oneBasque
RabiahGentle windArabic

These endearing gender-neutral names are just a few examples of how you can pass along the gift of sweetness to your child through their name. With their charm and lovely meanings, these names are sure to make a lasting impression and bring warmth and tenderness into your baby’s life. So, as you ponder what to name your little one, don’t hesitate to explore these adorable choices that embrace the essence of sweetness.

Sweet Names Inspired by Desserts

When it comes to baby names that mean sweet, dessert-inspired names are a delightful choice. With their sugary deliciousness and cute charm, these names are perfect for parents with a sweet tooth. In this section, I’ll share some dessert-inspired baby names that might just take the cake!

Let’s start with a few irresistible names for your little one. These delectable names are inspired by popular desserts from around the world:

For parents looking for something a touch more traditional, there are names derived from classic desserts:

But let’s not stop there! Fruits are also commonly used in desserts, and their vibrant flavors can lend inspiration for some enchanting baby names:

Lastly, spices and herbs also play a significant role in creating aromatic and mouthwatering desserts. Some of these can make sophisticated and unique monikers for your baby:

So when choosing a baby name that means sweet, don’t hesitate to delve into the world of desserts for inspiration. From classic baked goods to fruit and spice-inspired monikers, there are plenty of delectable options just waiting to be savored.

Baby Names from Different Cultures

Choosing a sweet baby name can be a delightful experience. I’ve compiled several gorgeous names from different cultures that mean sweet, so you can find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

Hebrew Names always enchant with their graceful meanings. Here are some beautiful options:

Arabic Names often have profound, elegant meanings. Consider these exquisite choices:

Indian Names bring a touch of tradition and evoke a sense of sweet delight. Here are some charming selections:

Greek Names have a timeless appeal and authenticity. The following names embody sweetness:

Italian Names offer an alluring blend of sweetness and romance. Consider these ravishing options:

African Names are diverse, but many have strong ties to their roots and are imbued with the sweetness of their culture. Some lovely picks:

To help you remember these beautiful names, here’s a quick summary in a markdown table:

HebrewDulcieSweet and lovely
HebrewMatiGift from God or sweet
ArabicAzizBeloved and sweet
ArabicLaylaNight, sweet darkness
IndianMadhuraSweet (in Hindi)
IndianSundariBeauty and sweetness (in Sanskrit)
GreekAgapiLove and affection
GreekMelitaHoney, sweetness
ItalianDolceSweet and gentle
ItalianCaraBeloved and sweet
AfricanEfiaShe who is born on a Friday
AfricanZolaPeace and tranquility

Remember, the perfect name is out there, and I hope this list of sweet baby names from different cultures helps you find it. Let these names inspire you as you search for the one that best suits your little one.

The Meanings Behind Sweet Baby Names

When choosing a baby name, many parents look for something that reflects warmth, joy, and love. If you’re seeking a sweet-sounding name with a special meaning, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve gathered a list of baby names that convey sweetness, which make perfect choices for your little bundle of joy.

Aneira (Welsh):
For a baby girl, Aneira is a striking name of Welsh origin. Meaning “golden” or “sweet,” it’s an excellent choice for parents seeking a unique and beautiful name.

Taima (Arabic):
Taima is a lovely feminine name that comes from the Arabic language. Its pronunciation itself is soft and sweet, with the meaning “starry rain” which evokes both calm and happiness.

Mika (Japanese):
In Japanese culture, Mika means “sweet fragrance” or “sweet aroma.” It’s a fantastic option for parents who want a charming and straightforward name for their daughter.

Dulcie (Latin):
With its roots in Latin, Dulcie is a delightful choice for a little girl. Derived from the word “dulcis,” it means “sweet” or “to be sweet,” making it an ideal sweet baby name.

Anushka (Indian):
Anushka, of Indian origin, is another exquisite name meaning “sweet like sugar.” It’s a versatile name as it can be shortened to “Anu” for a cute nickname.

Here are a few more sweet baby names and their meanings:

AdivaArabicSweet, gentle
AmalArabicSweet, pure
MelosaSpanishSweet, gentle
MadhuriIndianSweet, melodious
PemasaanTurkishSweet-tasting, delicious

In my research, I’ve also come across baby boy names that are equally sweet and meaningful:

Elyan (Arabic):
Elyan is a poetic and gentle-sounding name that means “sweet” in Arabic. It’s a sophisticated choice for parents who want their little boy to have a name with a lovely meaning.

Maalik (Indian):
Hailing from India, Maalik is a powerful yet sweet-sounding name, meaning “sweet, aromatic.” It evokes the image of a strong, gentle, and loving little boy.

Madanmohan (Indian):
While it might seem like a longer choice, Madanmohan is an excellent option for parents seeking a tender and sweet name for their baby boy. It means “sweet and attractive.”

Aanan (Hebrew):
For a short and sweet baby boy name, Aanan is a wonderful choice. In Hebrew, this name means “clouds,” which adds a sense of softness and beauty to an already sweet-sounding name.

Ultimately, choosing a name with sweet meanings offers an extra layer of sentiment to your child’s identity. Your little one will surely feel the warmth and love behind each sweet name.

Tips for Choosing a Sweet Baby Name

Choosing a sweet baby name can be a delightful, yet sometimes overwhelming process. With so many options available, it’s essential to have a strategy for narrowing down your choices. In this section, I’ll share some useful tips for finding the perfect sweet moniker for your little one.

First, consider the meaning of the names you like. To make that task easier for you, I’ve compiled a table containing some popular baby names with “sweet” meanings:

AnoushMArmenianSweet; immortal
MadhuFIndianHoney; sweet
DulcieFLatinSweet; pleasant
AmandineFFrenchMuch-loved; sweet

Connect the name’s meaning to something personal or significant in your life, such as a favorite place, memory, or family tradition, to give it a truly heartfelt touch.

Next, think about the sound and flow of the name. Consider how it pairs with your family name, and if it flows well when spoken aloud. Some names are naturally sweet-sounding, while others might need a little tweaking to achieve the desired vibe. Don’t hesitate to get creative with spelling or pronunciation to find the perfect fit for your baby.

Once you have a few options, consider how they will age with your child. Short, sweet names may be adorable for a tiny infant, but would they still suit a teenager or adult? If needed, opt for a timeless name or one that has multiple forms, like a nickname that works well for a child and a more formal version for an adult or professional setting.

Brainstorm with friends and family, who can offer their opinions and suggestions on your favorite names. They may come up with additional ideas or point out potential issues you hadn’t considered. However, remember that ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

Lastly, don’t forget to follow your instincts. While it’s essential to consider others’ opinions and take some time to reflect, trust your gut when it comes to making the final decision. After all, the sweetest baby name is the one that feels right for you and your child.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect sweet baby name for your little one. Happy naming!

Conclusion: Embrace the Sweetness

Throughout this article, I’ve taken you on a journey exploring baby names that mean sweet. We’ve discovered a variety of charming names for both boys and girls that reflect the endearing sweetness of a newborn. By considering these names, you’re sure to find a title that perfectly encapsulates the joy and love brought into your life by your little one.

Remember that these are just a fraction of the countless options available to you:

There’s no denying the inherent sweetness that comes with naming your child something that reflects warmth, love, and charm. By choosing a name that means sweet, you’ll forever remind yourself of the precious moments and happiness that your baby brings.

As you make your decision, I encourage you to reflect on the meanings behind each name. Research additional stories or legends associated with the names that hold the most appeal for you. At the end of the day, it’s the emotional connection to a name that will make it an enduring part of your baby’s identity.

As we conclude our exploration of baby names that mean sweet, I hope you feel inspired and confident in making your choice. Embrace the sweetness and enjoy the journey ahead as you welcome your little one into the world.

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