Baby Names That Mean Purple

By Cris Rizk •  Updated: 06/20/23

Choosing the perfect baby name can be quite a task for new parents. Finding a name that carries a beautiful meaning while also reflecting a child’s individual personality takes a lot of careful consideration. One way to give your little one a truly unique and distinctive name is to choose one that represents a color—specifically, the color purple.

Purple is a color that’s often associated with spirituality, wisdom, and sophistication. It’s a hue that captures both the mysterious and the regal, conjuring up images of lavender fields, amethyst crystals, and dusky sunsets. If you’re enchanted by the color purple and want your baby’s name to reflect its allure, you’re in luck! There are numerous names from around the world that embody this captivating color.

With an emphasis on names that have a direct connection to the color purple, I’m here to guide you in finding that perfect purple-inspired name for your baby. Whether you’re looking for a name that’s subtle in its association or one that boldly announces its ties to the purple hue, I’ve got you covered. Dive into this list of enchanting baby names that bring to life the stunning color of purple.

Colorful Baby Names

The Significance of Purple-Inspired Baby Names

Choosing a name for your little one is a significant decision, and with so many options, it can be quite a challenge. One popular approach is to select a name inspired by colors. Purple, for instance, holds special meaning and may be the perfect choice for your baby. Let’s delve into the importance of purple and how it can inspire unique and meaningful baby names.

Historically, purple has been associated with royalty, nobility, and wealth. It was a rare and expensive dye in ancient times, making it the color of choice for the elite. Today, purple still symbolizes luxury, power, and ambition. But that’s not all; it also carries spiritual and mystical meanings. From lilacs to violets, each hue reflects a different aspect of these themes.

For parents seeking a name influenced by these values, here are some characteristics linked to purple-inspired names:

So, when considering purple-inspired baby names, you’re not just choosing an attractive color, but also the powerful meanings it holds. Parents who want their newborn to embody these qualities will love these purple-themed name ideas:

While purple may not be the first color that comes to mind when looking for baby names, its rich symbolic associations make it an appealing option. It’s a versatile, enchanting choice that captures the essence of your child’s powerful potential. I encourage you to explore the world of purple-inspired names and see which one resonates with you and your little one.

Top Baby Names with Purple Meanings for Girls

When choosing a baby name, it’s essential to find one that has a beautiful meaning and, for many parents, connects to their favorite color, like purple. In this section, I’ll share my top picks for baby girl names that embody the meaning of the color purple.

First, let’s take a look at some names derived from the purple gemstones. Amethyst, the violet variety of quartz, has a lovely name that is both contemporary in sound and has ancient symbolism. It’s believed to guard against drunkenness and instill a sober mind in Greek mythology. Another stunning option is Leatris, inspired by the beautiful purple flower called “blazing star”, which stands for joy and happiness. Finally, there’s Lavender, a classic name derived from the fragrant flower with a lovely purple hue.

In addition to gemstone and flower-inspired names, you can explore the names related to variations of the color purple:

Here’s a summary of the mentioned names and their meanings to make it easier for you to choose the perfect one for your baby girl:

AmethystPurple, quartz, protection
LeatrisDerived from the purple “blazing star” flower, joy, happiness
LavenderPurple flower, fragrance
VioletPurple color, flower
LilacLight purple color, flower
MauveSoft purple color, mallow flower

It’s also essential to consider names that encapsulate the feeling, essence, or characteristics associated with the purple color and its cultural significance. For example, Iolanthe is a Greek name that translates to “violet flower” and evokes a sense of romance and sophistication. In Japanese culture, purple represents nobility, so the name Murasaki which means “purple” could be an attractive option for parents looking to honor their heritage.

While searching for a unique purple-inspired name, don’t shy away from exploring different languages and cultures, as the color purple is cherished all over the world. With these suggestions in mind, I’m confident that you can find a beautiful purple-themed name for your baby girl that will stand the test of time.

Top Baby Names with Purple Meanings for Boys

Purple is a color that represents royalty, ambition, and creativity. It’s no wonder that many parents choose baby names with meanings relating to this regal hue. With so many options available, I’ve handpicked a selection of names with purple meanings perfect for boys. From classic to modern, there’s something here for every taste.

Tyrian is a striking choice for parents looking for a unique and bold name. The name refers to the ancient, valuable Tyrian purple dye made from a Mediterranean sea snail. Tyrian is a name that conveys strength and rarity.

Violetas and Viorel are two Eastern European alternatives to names like Violet or Viola. Violetas is of Lithuanian origin, while Viorel is a Romanian name. Both names draw on the color purple, making them ideal options for boys who need a name that connects them to this beloved hue.

A less conventional option is Porphyrio, a name of Greek origin meaning “purple” or “purple-clad.” The name has a historic and dignified air, invoking images of ancient scholars in luxurious purple robes.

Here are some more baby names with purple meanings for boys:

Amethyst: A beautiful semi-precious stone that is also a shade of purple. In ancient Greece, amethysts were believed to ward off drunkenness and promote a clear mind.

Davud and Davit: Derived from the Hebrew name David, which means “beloved”. These names are often associated with the color purple due to the biblical King David, who donned royal purple garments.

Lavender: A delicate, aromatic plant known for its beautiful purple flowers. Lavender is traditionally a feminine name, but it’s now increasingly being used for boys as well.

When choosing a name for your baby boy, let your intuition guide you to the perfect name that represents the best combination of personal meaning and aesthetic. Here’s a quick overview of the top baby names with purple meanings for boys:

Armed with this list, you can confidently choose a name that reflects not only the beauty of the color purple, but also your own unique family story. Whatever name you choose, be sure it’s one that’s both meaningful and timeless, so your child can wear it with pride as he grows.

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Signify Purple

Purple, often associated with royalty, nobility, and individuality-inspired baby names can make a statement. I’ve compiled a list of gender-neutral baby names for parents who want to add a splash of this vibrant hue to their child’s identity. These names will surely make your little one stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take a look at these names and their significance within different areas:

NameOriginMeaningPopularity Ranking
VioletLatinPurple, Flower#54 (girl)
IndigoGreekDeep purple-bluecolor#2,097 (neutral)
MauveFrenchPale purple colorN/A
LavendarOld French, LatinPurple flower and colorN/A

I also found some unique, lesser-known gender-neutral names that incorporate the theme of purple:

These rare names and their cultural significance:

NameOriginMeaningPopularity Ranking
IoneAncient GreekViolet-colored stone#3,381 (neutral)
MazarineFrenchDeep blue-purple colorN/A
AmethystGreekPurple gemstone#838 (neutral)

When it comes to choosing a gender-neutral baby name that signifies purple, there are plenty of options to suit your taste, whether popular or rare. Your child may take pride in carrying a name linked to creativity, peace, or even royalty, and these names are sure to make a lasting impression.

Unique Purple-Themed Baby Names from Different Cultures

Choosing a baby name can be both exciting and overwhelming, and finding one that represents a beautiful and unique color like purple requires some creativity. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of purple-themed baby names from different cultures that might just be perfect for your little one.

Amethyst is a well-known gemstone with a gorgeous purple hue. The name is derived from the Greek word “amethystos,” meaning “not intoxicated”. It’s a unique and sophisticated choice for parents who love the color purple.

Another option could be Lavender, a popular and fragrant purple flower. Originating from the Latin word “lavare,” meaning “to wash,” Lavender is often used in aromatherapy for its soothing and calming properties. Choosing this name would offer your baby a serene connection to nature.

In Japan, the color purple is often associated with spirituality and nobility. The name Murasaki directly translates to “purple” in Japanese. It’s a delicate and refined choice that would connect your child to the rich cultural heritage of Japan.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more edge, consider the Hebrew name Varda, meaning “rose” or “pink”. While it may not directly translate to “purple,” Varda represents a beautiful shade in the same color family.

For a name that celebrates the diverse beauty of purple flowers, you might opt for Iolanthe, a Greek name meaning “violet flower”. Iolanthe carries with it a sense of mystique and elegance, perfect for a little one with a vibrant personality.

Here’s a summary of the purple-themed baby names mentioned and their origins:

AmethystGreekNot intoxicated
LavenderLatinTo wash
VardaHebrewRose or pink
IolantheGreekViolet flower

A few more purple-inspired names from various cultures include:

No matter which name you choose, selecting a purple-themed baby name will give your child a connection to beauty, strength, and royalty. With so many options from different cultures, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your little one.

Historical Figures with Purple-Tinged Names

When thinking of baby names that mean purple, it’s always a good idea to look into historical figures who have had purple-tinged names. These examples can provide inspiration and add an element of personality to your baby’s name. Let’s dive into a few notable personalities throughout history.

Tyrian purple, also known as royal purple, has been associated with power and nobility since ancient times. It was a highly prized dye, derived from the mucous of sea snails, and was used by the Romans to dye their togas. The Roman Emperor Julius Caesar was known for wearing a toga that was dyed in Tyrian purple, symbolizing his power and status. Another famous historical figure with a connection to the color purple is Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. She was famous for her beauty and intelligence, and her close ties to several Roman rulers, including Julius Caesar. Cleopatra used to wear purple, representing her royalty and power.

Moving on through history, there have been several names and titles that carry a purple theme. Henry Perkin, a British chemist, accidentally discovered the first synthetic purple dye in 1856. This dye, later named “mauveine”, revolutionized the textile industry and made purple accessible to the masses. It also opened the door for further discoveries of synthetic color dyes. Another well-known purple-toned name belongs to the British rock band Deep Purple. While not precisely historical figures, the members of this band, formed in 1968, were pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock, and their name pays homage to the rich hue of purple.

Here are some notable historical figures with purple-themed names or connections:

The color purple has long been associated with royalty, power, and creativity. Looking at historical figures with purple-themed names can undoubtedly give inspiration for those who want a touch of this vibrant hue in their baby’s name. So, if you’re considering a name that means purple, don’t forget these fascinating examples and the sense of history they carry with them.

How to Choose the Perfect Purple-Inspired Baby Name

Selecting a purple-inspired baby name can be a delightful process, but with so many options, it can feel overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect name for your little one:

  1. Understand the meaning: Learn about the history and significance behind each name. This will help you appreciate the name on a deeper level and potentially connect with it more deeply. Some purple-inspired names may have direct meanings, like the popular “Lavender,” while others might have a more obscure connection to the color.
  2. Consider various shades of purple: Purple is a versatile color with numerous shades, from rich violet to soft lilac. Consider names that represent these various shades, as they can be the source of inspiration. For example:
  1. Explore different cultures and languages: Look for unique and interesting names inspired by purple in other cultures and languages. This is a great way to find a name that stands out and has a rich history. Examples include:
  1. Think about your child’s personality: Once your child is born, their personality traits might already be shining through. Consider if a particular purple-inspired name would suit their temperament. I’d recommend waiting a few days or weeks after your baby’s arrival before making a decision.
  2. Ask for opinions: While the final decision is yours, it’s helpful to gather feedback from family and friends. Share your shortlist with them and ask for their opinions on the various purple-inspired baby names you’re considering.

Remember that choosing a baby name is a personal decision, and there’s no perfect formula. By keeping these pointers in mind, I’m sure you’ll find a purple-inspired baby name that resonates with you and your growing family.

Combining Purple Names with Other Colorful Meanings

When it comes to choosing a baby name inspired by the color purple, why not consider pairing it with other colorful meanings? This can result in a truly unique and vibrant name, reflecting your child’s personality and potential. In this section, I’ll share some ideas on how to combine purple-symbolizing names with other colorful meanings.

Let’s begin by exploring names that mean different shades of purple, such as lavender or violet. Names like Lavender and Violet already have strong connections to the color purple. Some others that are worth considering include:

Combining a purple-inspired name with one that represents another color can add an extra layer of meaning and intrigue. For instance, you might choose a first name with a purple meaning and pair it with a middle name representing another color. Here are a few examples:

You can also explore other names with hues and connotations associated with the color purple, such as those related to royalty or luxury. Purple has long been used as a symbol of power and opulence, as it was once difficult and expensive to produce. Using names with these connotations can lend your child’s name an air of prestige. Consider names like:

Finally, think about the associations that come along with the color purple – serenity, spirituality, and mystery. Opting for names with meanings related to these themes can add depth and dimension to your child’s moniker. Some possibilities include:

By combining names that represent different aspects of the color purple with other colorful or symbolic meanings, you can create a truly unique and meaningful name for your child. Expand your baby-naming horizons and embrace the power of color-inspired names!

When thinking about baby names that mean purple, there are several popular characters and namesakes with associations to the color purple. These associations can range from actual characters with purple traits to those that are more symbolic.

One of the most famous literary works where the color purple plays a significant role is The Color Purple by Alice Walker. The novel’s protagonist, Celie, endures many hardships throughout her life and the purple flowers often symbolize her growth and strength. Although Celie isn’t a direct translation of the color purple, the connection can still serve as inspiration for parents seeking a baby name closely linked to the theme of purple.

In pop culture, the character Starfire from DC Comics has vibrant purple hair and wears a purple outfit, making the association with the color quite clear. Her real name, Koriand’r, might be an interesting choice for parents who appreciate comic book characters and want a colorful twist to their baby’s name.

There are also instances where symbolism comes into play. In Greek mythology, the god Dionysus is often associated with the color purple, as he is the god of wine, and wine is traditionally associated with purple. Dionysus might not directly mean purple, but the name holds a strong connection to the color itself.

The name Violet, of course, is one of the most obvious baby names that hold connections to the color purple, as violets are a type of purple flower. The name Violet is quite popular and can be found in various fictional works, such as Violet Baudelaire from the series “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and Violet Parr from the movie “The Incredibles.”

For another strong purple connection through pop culture characters, parents might consider the name Amethyst, which is a violet or purple-colored gemstone. Amethyst is also the name of a character from the animated TV show “Steven Universe,” and she has purple skin and hair.

A few more baby names with purple associations include:

With these popular characters and namesakes that have purple associations, parents have a rich variety to choose from for their baby’s unique and meaningful name.

Wrapping Up: Picking the Ideal Purple Baby Name

Choosing the perfect purple baby name for your little one can be an exciting journey. It’s important to find a name that feels unique and meaningful, yet remains timeless as your child grows older. I’ve rounded up some key considerations to help you narrow down your search.

Here’s a quick recap of some baby names that mean purple or have purple associations:

NameGenderMeaning / Association
AmethystFPurple stone
LavenderFPurple flower
LilacFPurple flower
MauveFPurple shade
TyrianMPurple dye
VioletFPurple color/flower

By considering factors like connection to nature, cultural associations, popularity, sound and spelling, and personal significance, you’ll be well on your way to finding the ideal purple name for your baby. Trust your gut and choose a name that resonates with you and the dreams you have for your little one’s future.

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