Baby Names That Mean Precious

By Cris Rizk •  Updated: 06/21/23

When it’s time to pick the perfect name for your little one, you may be searching for something that not only sounds beautiful but also has a special meaning. Baby names that mean “precious” capture the essence of just how much your child means to you. Choosing a name with such a powerful meaning can serve as a daily reminder of the love and value you have for your baby.

Throughout various cultures and languages, there’s an abundance of names that hold the meaning of “precious” or “valuable.” Some of these names have roots in ancient civilizations, while others are more modern in origin. As you build your list of potential baby names, consider delving into the rich history behind each one, which may even offer you a deeper connection to the name.

So let’s embark on a journey of discovering some of the most beautiful names that evoke the sentiment of “precious” – a perfect way to honor your newborn. In the following sections, I’ll introduce baby names from an array of cultures, and I’m confident that you’ll find the perfect one to reflect the love you have for your child.

Unearthing Precious Baby Names

As parents, naming our baby is one of the most important decisions we make. Choosing the perfect baby name that means precious can be both a delightful and challenging task. This article is here to help unveil a list of precious baby names to make your journey of finding the perfect moniker easier.

Why not consider baby names from various cultural origins that signify “precious” or “valuable”? This approach honors diverse ancestry while giving your bundle of joy a unique and meaningful name.

Some baby names meaning precious include:

You’re not limited to these options! There are numerous baby names with the essence of preciousness from different languages and cultures:

Selecting baby names with a positive association like “precious” can be a wonderful way to imbue your child’s life with love and positive energy. Studies show that a name can impact a child’s personality and self-esteem, making it all the more important to choose a name with care.

Recognizing your baby as a treasure doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a name that explicitly means “precious.” You can also look for names with a subtle connection to precious metals or gemstones, like:

While you contemplate names for your precious little one, don’t forget to consider how they sound and flow with their middle and last names. You might also want to keep the name’s length in mind, especially if it’s already a long surname.

Ultimately, trust your intuition and let the name resonate with you. Remember: a well-thought-out name that means precious can leave a lasting impact on your child’s life, making them feel loved and valued.

Gemstone-Inspired Names

Gemstone-inspired names have been attracting attention for their unique, precious meanings and the beautiful qualities they represent. Parents searching for a name that reflects the value and significance their child holds in their hearts may want to look into this category of baby names. In this section, I’ll be showcasing some popular gemstone-inspired names and their meanings.

Ruby is a popular choice for baby girls, as it symbolizes love, passion, and strength. This vibrant red gemstone stands out and makes a bold statement, much like the girls who carry this name. Another precious stone that doubles as a name is Pearl, representing purity, innocence, and beauty in its natural form. This name is perfect for parents who desire elegance and grace in their little girl’s name.

Gemstone names aren’t only for girls; numerous options exist for baby boys as well. Jasper is one such name. This banded, opaque gemstone carries meanings of protection and grounding, drawing strength from the Earth. Similarly, Onyx is a strikingly dark and mysterious stone associated with protection and stability, making it a strong choice for a boy’s name.

In addition to these popular choices, several less-common gemstone-inspired names with special meanings can be considered:

When choosing a gemstone-inspired name, it’s essential to keep in mind the qualities and meanings associated with the particular stone. Such names can become a source of pride and inspiration for your child throughout their life, and carry the energy and symbolism of the precious gemstone from which it derives.

Names from Mythology and Legends

Mythology and legends are treasure troves of unique and meaningful baby names. These precious names often come with rich histories and fascinating stories behind them. In this section, I’ll introduce you to a selection of baby names from different mythological tales and legends that signify “precious” in one way or another.

Althea: In Greek mythology, Althea was the mother of Meleager, a brave hero. Derived from the Greek word “althos,” which means “healing,” this beautiful name conveys a sense of tenderness and care that can be seen as precious.

Aurora: Meaning “dawn” in Latin, Aurora was the Roman goddess of the dawn, responsible for bringing forth the sunrise each day. A symbol of new beginnings and the start of a new day, a baby named Aurora evokes a sense of precious opportunity.

Eir: Norse mythology brings us the name Eir, which is associated with healing and medicine. As a precious gift of life and wellbeing, Eir (pronounced “ayr”) is a lovely name for a baby girl.

A few more names from mythology and legends that mean precious are:

There are also names that have an association with precious gemstones, which can invoke a sense of rarity and value. Examples include:

The following table summarizes some of the precious names from mythology and legends:

AltheaGreekHealing, mother of a brave hero in mythology
AuroraRomanDawn, goddess of the dawn
EirNorseHealing, associated with healing and medicine
EudoraGreekGenerous gift
PandoraGreekAll gifted
CarysWelshDerived from “caru” meaning love
JasperPersianTreasurer, associated with a precious gem
RubyGemstoneDerived from the precious gemstone ruby, symbolizing passion and love
PearlGemstoneRepresents one of nature’s most precious and unique creations, symbolizing purity and grace

These are just a few examples of the many precious names from mythology and legends that you can consider for your little one. Each name carries its unique history and meaning, giving your child a moniker that reflects something truly valuable in life.

European Names with Precious Meanings

When it comes to baby names, European cultures offer a treasure trove of options that carry beautiful meanings. In this section, I’ll explore some European names that meaningfully bring out the theme of preciousness. Let’s dive in and discover some attractive choices that are sure to make your little one feel even more special.

From Germanic origins, names like Eadric, which means “rich and powerful” and Adelaide, meaning “noble and kind”, can be great options. These names have stood the test of time and are reminiscent of strength, nobility, and preciousness.

Greek names often possess a certain charm, and those with precious meanings are no exception. Agatha, a popular name for girls, embodies the concept of goodness and virtue. For boys, Timothy carries the essence of “honoring God”, which many families would consider a precious blessing.

Moving onto French names, we find the delightful Margaux (or Margot), meaning “pearl” – a precious gem filled with grace. Tristan, a classic French name, symbolizes sorrow, but it also conveys the preciousness of something worth longing for or cherishing.

Italian names can also evoke precious meaning. For example, Gemma is an exquisite choice derived from the word for “precious stone” while Alfonso means “noble, ready, and precious”.

Let’s not forget Slavic names, known for their rich meanings. Nadia, a popular name across cultures, is derived from the Slavic word “Nadzieja,” meaning “hope” – an undeniably precious quality. For boys, Miroslav translates to “peaceful and glorious”, which can be appreciated as precious qualities parents wish for their child.

Here’s a summary of some European names with precious meanings:

Germanic Origins:

Greek Names:

French Names:

Italian Names:

Slavic Names:

Europe is a continent with diverse cultures, offering various options for baby names with precious meanings. As you search for the perfect name for your little one, I hope this list provides a glimpse into the beauty and significance behind these options, inspiring you to choose a name that will showcase your child’s uniqueness and preciousness.

Asian Names that Signify Precious

Asian names have a rich cultural history, with many of them signifying something special or precious. Parents in search of baby names that mean precious will find a treasure trove of options in Asian cultures. In this section, I’ll share some beautiful Asian names with meanings rooted in the precious and valuable.

Bao (宝) is a popular Chinese name that translates to “precious” or “treasure.” This gender-neutral name is often given to children as a reflection of their invaluable presence in their family’s life. Bao also carries a sense of protection and care, symbolizing the family’s commitment to nurturing and safeguarding their precious loved one.

Another lovely Chinese name is Jin (金), which means “gold” or “money.” Representing wealth and prominence, Jin is suitable for both boys and girls. It is often paired with other characters to create more meaningful compound names like Jinhui (金辉), which means “golden splendor,” or Jinying (金英), which means “golden flower.”

In traditional Korean culture, names are chosen with great care, often conveying parents’ wishes for their child’s future. An example of such a Korean name is Bomi (보미), meaning “precious and beautiful.” It symbolizes the cherished beauty that the child possesses and is primarily given to girls.

Here are some additional Asian names that signify precious:

Selecting a meaningful name for your child is a special way to honor their importance in your life. Asian names that signify preciousness hold deep cultural and emotional significance, reminding the child of their value and the love their family has for them. When choosing an Asian name that means precious, take a moment to learn its history, origin, and cultural context to ensure that it truly resonates with your family’s values.

African and Middle Eastern Names

When it comes to baby names that mean precious, African and Middle Eastern names often boast deep cultural ties and vibrant meanings. In this section, I’ll share a selection of beautiful names with the connotation of preciousness, as well as their origins and meanings.

From the African continent, several names stand out for their connotation of preciousness:

Turning our attention to Middle Eastern names, we find several options that also convey the notion of preciousness:

Noteworthy, Middle Eastern names often incorporate religious significance, making them all the more cherished:

In choosing a baby name that means precious from African or Middle Eastern origins, parents can express the inestimable worth and love they have for their child. These names carry with them a sense of culture, history, and significance, which underscores the preciousness of the little one bringing joy to their family.

Beyond Borders: Unisex Precious Names

When it comes to choosing a baby name, unisex precious names offer an opportunity for expressing your child’s uniqueness, while transcending traditional gender boundaries. In this section, I’ll share with you some beautiful baby names that mean precious and can be used for both boys and girls.

Amara is a name with African origins, specifically from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. It means “grace” or “something precious”. Amara’s simple yet elegant charm makes it a popular choice in today’s modern world.

Another enchanting name is Aziz. With roots in Arabic, Aziz signifies “beloved” or “precious”. It’s a strong, bold name that works well for those who want their child to stand out in a crowd.

Families appreciative of Chinese culture might be drawn to the name Bao. Derived from the Chinese word for “treasure” or “precious object”, Bao embodies a sense of value and rarity. It’s definitely a distinctive choice for parents seeking a unique name with cultural depth.

If you’re searching for a name with a celestial touch, consider Kamaria. Originating from Swahili, it denotes “beauty of the moon” or “moonlight”, encapsulating a precious and ethereal essence. Kamaria’s gentle grace has a bewitching allure that is hard to resist.

For the nature loving parents, Noa is a Hebrew name meaning “movement” or “rest”, and is often associated with precious stones like the gemstone, Noa-Opal. This harmonic and balanced name is held by both boys and girls and carries a melodious sound.

Lastly, let’s explore the charm of Vidyut. From Indian Sanskrit origins, Vidyut signifies “lightning” or “shimmering brightness”. It’s a name that conveys a sense of energy and preciousness, providing a spark to brighten both boy and girl names alike.

Here’s a summary of the unisex precious names mentioned:

By exploring these unisex names that hold the meaning of “precious,” you’re sure to find a name that resonates with your family values and personal style. Regardless of your cultural background or preferences, there is a beautiful array of options available for your little one that celebrate their preciousness.

Tips for Choosing a Precious Name

Selecting a baby name that holds the meaning of “precious” can be an exciting and rewarding experience. I’ll share some tips on how to choose a name that’ll be cherished by both you and your child.

1. Personal and cultural relevance: Consider names related to your background, heritage, or personal beliefs. This can add a deeper connection to the name and make it even more significant.

2. Sound and flow: Make sure the name sounds pleasant with your surname. Say the names out loud, paying attention to how the first and last name flow together.

3. Uniqueness and popularity: While it’s great to have a unique name, you might also want to avoid choosing a name so unfamiliar that it becomes burdensome for your child.

4. Longevity and versatility: Think about your child growing up with the name, and try to foresee potential issues like pronunciation difficulties, spelling challenges, or unexpected nicknames.

**5. Meaning: Within the context of our topic, “baby names that mean precious”, do some research and explore names with similar meanings or related themes. This will give you a wider range of choices for your precious baby.

At the end of the day, the most important aspect of choosing a name for your child is to pick one that resonates with you on a deep level. Trust your intuition, give it some thought, and the perfect precious name will likely reveal itself. Happy naming!

Celebrities with Precious Names

One fascinating aspect of baby names is exploring the meanings behind them. In the world of celebrity, I’ve noticed that many stars have names that signify preciousness. Let’s dive into some famous examples that may inspire you as you search for the perfect name for your little one.

Amanda Seyfried is an actress who has starred in popular films like Mamma Mia! and Les Misérables. Her first name, Amanda, means “worthy of love” or “precious” in Latin. A beautiful name, it’s fitting for someone as talented as Seyfried.

Margot Robbie stole the show in films like The Wolf of Wall Street and I, Tonya. Margot, a French diminutive of Margaret, carries the meaning “pearl,” which also symbolizes preciousness. This classic name has a touch of elegance and style, characteristic of Robbie’s persona.

We cannot forget about the iconic British singer Adele. Her full name, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, has a precious gem embedded within it. “Blue,” which is her middle name, signifies the precious blue sapphire, an exquisite and sought-after gemstone.

Here’s a list of a few other celebrities whose names represent preciousness:

CelebrityName Meaning
Amanda SeyfriedWorthy of love, precious
Margot RobbiePearl
Adele (Blue)Blue sapphire
Amber HeardAmber gemstone
Jade ThirlwallJade gemstone
Ruby RoseRuby gemstone

For parents-to-be who are searching for a name that reflects preciousness, this list of celebrities may give you some great ideas. Remember to consider the meaning behind a name, as it can bring more depth and significance to your child’s identity. Whether you choose a name that symbolizes a gemstone, like Ruby, or one with a more intangible meaning, such as Amanda, giving your child a precious name could be the perfect way to express how much they mean to you.

In Conclusion: The Gift of a Precious Name

Names hold power, and giving your child a name with a meaning like “precious” comes with a special significance. By choosing a baby name that reflects this beautiful sentiment, we’re bestowing upon them a sense of intrinsic worth and value right from the start.

Throughout this article, I’ve discussed various options for baby names that carry this wonderful meaning. Here’s a quick recap of some highlights:

Naturally, choosing the perfect name for your precious little one can be both an exciting and challenging task. Keep in mind the cultural connection and any potential nicknames when making your decision. Moreover, it’s essential to consider how well the name flows with your baby’s last name, as well as how it grows with them on their journey through life.

To help you in this process, I recommend gathering feedback from close friends and family members, and, of course, trusting your instincts as a parent to choose the name that resonates the most with you.

Finally, I’d like to remind you that a name is only part of what makes a child truly precious. Nurture their talents, encourage their dreams, and help them grow into the unique individuals they are destined to be. After all, a precious name is just the beginning of your child’s incredible journey.

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