Baby Names That Mean Night

By Cris Rizk •  Updated: 06/20/23

As a parent-to-be, I know choosing the perfect baby name can be quite the task. One way to narrow down the list is to consider names with special meanings, like those related to the enchanting beauty of nighttime. From stars and moons to the mysteries of the dark, let’s take a look at baby names that mean night.

In various cultures and languages, names inspired by the night represent serenity, power, and even enchantment. This celestial theme allows you to get creative with your baby’s name by choosing something that sparks both magic and wonder.

Here, I’ll share a collection of baby names with nightly meanings, so you can find the perfect match that will bestow this mystique upon your little star. Be it common names or something more unique, these names all share one common thread—their connection to the night.

Unique Baby Names Inspired by Night

Nighttime boasts a certain magic and allure, inspiring all sorts of baby names. If you’re on the lookout for a name that captures the essence of the night, I’ve gathered some unique choices for both boys and girls.

Boy Names

  1. Asterion: This name has Greek origins and means “ruler of the stars,” perfect for your little night sky explorer.
  2. Samson: Coming from Hebrew roots, Samson signifies “sun child” or “bright sun,” reminiscent of a brilliant moonlit night.
  3. Tariq: This striking Arabic name means “nightcomer” or “one who knocks at night,” inspired by the starry night sky.

Girl Names

  1. Selenia: With its Greek origins, Selenia means “moon goddess.” It’s a lovely, feminine name for a child born under the moon’s enchanting influence.
  2. Nisha: This beautiful, melodic name comes from Sanskrit and means “night.” It’s a simple yet elegant option for parents seeking a nocturnal-themed name.
  3. Eloá: A unique Brazilian name, Eloá signifies “Goddess of the night” and is a wonderful, distinct choice.

If you’re interested in gender-neutral options, there are some fantastic names out there as well.

Gender-Neutral Names

  1. Layla: This gorgeous name has Arabic origins and translates to “night” or “dark beauty.” It’s a popular choice for both girls and boys.
  2. Artemis: A powerful name from Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the moon and hunting. It can be used for both boys and girls.
  3. Ruxton: Ruxton is an unconventional choice that means “dweller of the night.” It’s an intriguing, unique name suitable for either gender.

To summarize, here is a quick reference of the names listed above:

BoyAsterionGreekRuler of the stars
BoySamsonHebrewSun child, bright sun
BoyTariqArabicNightcomer, one who knocks at night
GirlSeleniaGreekMoon goddess
GirlEloáBrazilianGoddess of the night
BothLaylaArabicNight, dark beauty
BothArtemisGreekGoddess of the moon and hunting
BothRuxtonEnglishDweller of the night

So if you’re searching for a unique baby name inspired by the night, be sure to consider these choices. They offer a beautiful connection to the nighttime world and its captivating magic.

Celestial Names for Starry Nights

When I think of names that mean night, I’m instantly drawn to celestial names inspired by starry nights. Let’s explore some popular choices inspired by the stars and the night sky.

Astrid is a beautiful name with Scandinavian origins, meaning “divinely beautiful” or “star”. This name has gained popularity in recent years due to its strong and celestial connections.

Nova is a unisex name with Latin roots, meaning “new star”. It refers to a bright, new star that suddenly appears in the night sky. This name shines bright in its uniqueness and is perfect for any budding little stargazer.

Orion originates from Greek mythology and refers to the famous constellation named after the legendary hunter. This name embodies a sense of adventure and the mystery of the night sky.

Selene is a Greek name, inspired by the goddess of the moon. Connected to lunar power, Selene is a classic, elegant choice for a child born under the spell of moonlit enchantments.

Aside from those, there are several more celestial names inspired by starry nights, which include:

When searching for baby names that mean night, embracing the many treasures found within the night sky is a wonderful way to find inspiration. Each celestial name holds unique meaning and connections to the heavens and beyond.

Names with Mythological Origins in Nighttime

Mythology often plays a significant role in the selection of baby names, and there’s an abundance of monikers with meanings related to nighttime. In this section, I’ll discuss some names that have mythological origins connected to the night.

Selene is a stunning name with Greek mythological roots. In Greek mythology, Selene is the goddess of the moon, embodying the serene beauty of the night sky. Her name is derived from the word selenē, which translates to “moon.” Similarly, Artemis is another Greek goddess associated with the night and moon. She was known as the protector of young girls, and later became identified with the moon, like her twin brother Apollo, who was associated with the sun.

Another magical name with night-inspired meanings is Astraea, a Greek goddess who represents both the stars and nighttime. Her name is derived from the Greek term aster, meaning “star.” In mythology, she was said to have left Earth during a time of darkness and chaos, becoming the constellation Virgo in the sky.

Several baby names tied to the night are derived from Roman mythology, such as Nox and Luna. Nox is the Roman goddess of night and darkness, whose name simply translates to “night.” Luna, on the other hand, is the Roman counterpart of the Greek goddess Selene. Like Selene, Luna personifies the moon and is depicted as riding a chariot through the night sky.

In Hindu mythology, the goddess Ratri stands for the nighttime. Her name means “night” in Sanskrit, and she is often worshiped alongside her brother Ushas, god of the dawn. Ratri’s role in the mythos is that of nurturing and protection, signifying the idea of a nurturing night watching over the world.

A few fascinating night-themed names from Norse mythology include Nótt and Máni. Nótt is the personification of night, an ancient and primordial figure who navigates the sky with her horse, Hrímfaxi. Máni is the Norse god of the moon, and his name translates to “moon” in Old Norse.

To sum up, here’s a quick list of the mentioned names:

These captivating names offer a unique blend of mythological significance and appealing nighttime connotations, making them perfect to consider if you’re seeking a baby name with a touch of mystery, magic, and wonder.

International Baby Names Meaning Night

There’s something magical about the night, and it’s no wonder why some parents want their little one’s name to reflect its beauty and mystery. They say that nighttime is conducive to creativity, rest, and even spiritual growth. So if you’re looking for baby names that mean night, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of options from different cultures and languages. I’ve put together a list of some beautiful international baby names that embody the essence of nighttime.

Let’s begin with Arabic names, well-known for their poetic meanings. Among them, you’ll find inspiring choices like Layla (meaning: night) and Noor (meaning: light of the night). Both of these names have gained popularity in recent times.

Moving on to Indian names, in the vast tradition of Sanskrit, we have Nisha (meaning: night, twilight), which is quite popular among Indian girls. And for boys, Anay (meaning: night, Lord Krishna) might pique your interest.

Slavic names also have some bewitching options, such as Vecherinka (meaning: evening party), suitable for girls, and Zarya (meaning: nighttime), for boys.

In Greek mythology, they place special importance on the night. So, there are stunning options like Nycta (meaning: night) for girls and Acheron (meaning: river of night), a name derived from the river in the underworld, for boys.

Below is a list of some more exceptional, night-related baby names from different cultures:

With this diverse collection of baby names meaning night, you now have an array of options from various languages and cultures. Remember, a name is something that remains with an individual for their entire life, so while choosing a name with a beautiful meaning can add a touch of enchantment, it’s essential to consider how it will gracefully age with them. Happy naming!

Unisex Names Derived from the Night

Searching for the perfect unisex baby name can be a fun and exciting task. If you’re looking for something that carries the essence of nighttime, there are several names to consider from different origins and languages. In this section, I’ll explore some unisex baby names inspired by the night, making them suitable for any child who will shine with the brilliance of the stars.

Aster is a versatile name of Greek origin that means “star.” It’s a wonderful choice for parents looking for a name that carries the majesty of the night sky, while still being easy to spell and pronounce. Another lovely option is Layla, which has Arabic origins and means “night” or “dark beauty.” Layla is a gentle and lyrical name that sounds whimsical yet elegant.

For a more exotic and unique name, consider Nyctanthes, which has origins in Greek and means “Shining in the Night.” This name can also be shortened to Nycta, which has an enchanting and mysterious appeal. Similarly, Twila is an unusual name with American origins and refers to the “twinkling of an eye,” capturing the flickering lights that make up the night sky.

For those looking for a more modern and trendy option, Knox could be a great choice. This name is derived from the English words “nock” and “by night” and carries the implication of a strong, silent protector who watches over others. Indigo is another contemporary unisex name that conjures images of the deep, dark, and mysterious shades of blue that cover the night sky.

Here are some more unisex baby names inspired by the night:

Each of these names possesses a unique connection to the night, making them perfect choices for any parent looking to bestow a nocturnal-inspired moniker upon their child. Whether you’re seeking a name that captures the elegance and beauty of the night sky or one that evokes a sense of mystery and darkness, these unisex options offer a diverse range of choices. So as you consider these enchanting names, remember that each one carries with it the magic and wonder of the night, ensuring that your child’s name will forever be connected to the stars and the moon that illuminate the darkness.

An interesting approach to baby names is to explore names related to the moon and its phases. The moon has long been a symbol of mystery, romance, and power. Throughout history and across cultures, people have been captivated by its allure and its influence on our lives. Let’s delve into some enchanting names inspired by the moon and its phases.

Before we dive into names directly related to the moon’s phases, let’s consider names that have ties to the moon itself. Some popular choices include:

Now, let’s explore names that reflect the various phases of the moon. The moon has four main phases: new, crescent, gibbous, and full. Each phase has its own unique appeal and can spur an intriguing list of related baby names:

New MoonNiamIrishBright, radiance, luster
CrescentHilalArabicNew crescent moon
GibbousMayarArabicGlowing, luminous
Full MoonBadri, BadrArabicFull moon or moonlit night

Additionally, there’s a myriad of other moon-inspired names that fit perfectly in this category:

While selecting a name inspired by the moon and its phases, it’s essential to keep a few tips in mind. First and foremost, consider how the name will compliment your child’s personality and traits as they grow. Names that evoke a sense of mystery, wonder, and power can make for a lasting impression.

Lastly, think about the connection between the name and your family, as well as how it will resonate with your cultural heritage and personal beliefs. With these considerations in mind, you’ll be sure to find an enchanting and meaningful moon-inspired name for your little one.

Choosing a baby name can be an exciting journey. One meaningful way to inspire creativity is to explore names associated with nighttime and twilight. Throughout the centuries, various cultures have assigned mystical meanings to night and its associated elements. Here, I’ve put together a list of popular baby names inspired by twilight.

Twilight represents the magical time between day and night; it’s a moment of transition where darkness and light blend in harmony. Names associated with twilight are perfect for parents looking for unique and enchanting names that evoke a sense of tranquility, beauty, and mystique.

Let’s dive into some popular baby names that represent the twilight time:

Some names showcase the celestial aspects of night and the enchanting mystery they unfold:

Of course, there are always gender-neutral names that encompass the essence of twilight:

In addition to these well-known names, some lesser-known options have also captured the dark beauty of nighttime:

Choosing a name for your baby is a personal decision that reflects your beliefs, values, and tastes. These twilight-inspired names offer a wealth of unique, meaningful options – imbued with the magic, tranquility, and mystery of night – that your child can carry with them throughout their life.

Witching Hour Names for Night Owls

When it comes to choosing a baby name that evokes the mystery and beauty of nighttime, witching hour names offer a unique and enchanting selection. These names not only pay homage to the magic of the night but also reflect the spirit of those nocturnal beings who thrive in the moonlight. So, if you’re an expectant night owl searching for that perfect baby name, look no further.

Sometimes called midnight names, these bewitching options might just be the perfect fit for a little one born under the starry sky. It’s no secret that the twilight hours are steeped in mystique, with many supernatural connections. This makes them an ideal source of inspiration for parents hoping to find a name with a touch of magic.

Some popular witching hour names include:

When searching for a name with nocturnal ties, it’s essential to consider not just the meaning but also the cultural origins. Midnight names are often derived from different mythologies, including:

In addition to these mythological favorites, there are other lesser-known nocturnal names that could be worth considering:

So, while selecting the perfect name for your new addition may seem like a daunting task, rest assured that the witching hour provides a plethora of enchanting options. Whether inspired by mythology or just the ethereal beauty of the nighttime sky, these names are bound to provide a sense of magic to your baby’s life.

Lesser-Known Baby Names Linked to Night

As we delve into the world of lesser-known baby names with night-related meanings, we come across many unique and beautiful options. These names not only signify the enchanting allure of nighttime, but also carry a sense of serenity and mystery. Here, I’ve included some lesser-known night-inspired names that are worth considering.

For baby girls, here are a few exquisite choices:

For baby boys, these lesser-known night-related names might catch your interest:

As you explore these lesser-known night-inspired baby names, you may discover that they provide a refreshing alternative to more mainstream choices. The beauty and allure of nighttime are still present in these names, while also offering the mystique of being relatively uncommon. Consider these lovely, night-themed options as you search for the perfect name for your little one.

In Conclusion: Choosing the Perfect Night-Themed Name

Selecting the ideal night-themed baby name can be a fun and memorable experience. Here are some suggestions to help guide you in making this important decision:

  1. Research night-themed baby names: Spend time researching baby names that mean night, star, or moon, and create a list of your favorite options.
  2. Consider the name’s origin and pronunciation: It’s essential to consider the name’s origin, meaning, and pronunciation to ensure it resonates with you and your family.
  3. Think about your child’s personality and future: It might help imagine the type of person your child will grow up to be and how the name reflects their personality.

Below are popular baby names with night meanings:

Incorporate your family’s traditions and culture in your decision, and don’t shy away from unique names that carry personal significance.

Your friends and family might provide insightful suggestions, but remember, the final decision is up to you and your partner. Trust your instincts and choose a name that feels right for your child.

Ultimately, your child’s night-themed name will be a special reminder of the unique connection they have to the nighttime sky. The perfect name will reflect your child’s identity, the love you have for them, and their bright future.

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