Baby Names That Mean Angel

By Cris Rizk •  Updated: 06/20/23

Choosing a baby name can be a daunting task, but names with special meanings can ease your search and add a beautiful layer of significance to your child’s moniker. One such category is baby names that mean angel – delicate, celestial, and pure, these names are linked to heavenly beings associated with protection, guidance, and innocence.

When I think of angelic names, I’m reminded of the divine and ethereal qualities they represent. These names can inspire a truly blessed feeling in your family, while also providing your child with a connection to a larger spiritual essence. With their charm and timeless resonance, it’s no wonder parents are increasingly drawn to names with angelic meanings for their little ones.

In this article, I will explore different baby names that mean angel, delving into their origins, meanings, and pronunciations. I truly believe that giving your child one of these celestial names can help create a strong, positive foundation for their life journey. Happy name hunting!

Angelic Baby Names Explained

When searching for the perfect name for a little one, parents often want a name with a special meaning. Angelic baby names are popular choices, as they symbolize innocence, purity, and protection. In this section, I’ll dive into the meaning behind angelic baby names and provide some examples to inspire you on your quest for the perfect name.

Angelic baby names typically fall into three categories:

  1. Names of angels: These are names taken from actual angels, like those mentioned in religious texts or mythology.
  2. Names that mean angel: Some names have meanings directly related to angels, celestial beings, or messengers of God.
  3. Names with angelic attributes: Other names might not directly mean angel, but they embody the qualities associated with angels, such as light, love, and purity.

Let’s explore some examples within these categories:

Names of angels:

Names that mean angel:

Names with angelic attributes:

If you’re interested in including cultural or religious inspiration in your baby’s name, exploring different traditions can offer a wealth of beautiful, meaningful options. Here’s a brief list of angelic names from various cultures:

With so many angelic baby names to choose from, it’s easy to find one that resonates with you, your beliefs, and your hopes for your child’s future.

Heavenly Names from the Bible

If you’re searching for baby names that mean angel, you might want to consider some of the heavenly names found in the Bible. These names not only have beautiful meanings and sounds, but also carry a sense of spiritual significance. In this section, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite biblical names that are reminiscent of angels or hold a heavenly meaning.

One name that certainly represents an angel is Gabriel. In the Bible, Gabriel is an archangel who delivers important messages from God to people. This name carries a strong connection to angels as well as a sense of divine communication.

Another heavenly name from the Bible is Raphael. Like Gabriel, Raphael is also an archangel. He is often associated with healing and the protection of travelers. This name could be perfect for a little one who brings light and healing into your life.

Seraphina is a name derived from the word “seraphim,” which are celestial beings mentioned in the Bible. These beings are known to surround the throne of God, singing praises and maintaining the divine order. With its lovely sound and spiritual connection, Seraphina is a beautiful choice for a baby girl.

Here’s a list of a few more biblical names that hold celestial meanings:

Here’s a summary of these names and their meanings in a table:

NameMeaning or Association
GabrielMessenger of God, archangel
RaphaelHealing, archangel, protector
SeraphinaSeraphim, celestial beings
UrielWisdom, light, archangel
MichaelProtector, leader, archangel
CelesteHeavenly, celestial
ElijahHeaven, whirlwind, prophet
LailaNight, dark beauty

Giving your baby a heavenly name from the Bible can offer a sense of spiritual connection and a strong foundation for their life. With these names, they’ll always have a link to the divine and the celestial world of angels.

Names Derived from Angelic Roles

When it comes to baby names inspired by angels, many of them actually stem from the important roles these heavenly beings play in various religious and spiritual traditions. I’ve compiled a list of exquisite baby names that are closely tied to the unique missions and responsibilities of angels to help you make the perfect choice for your little one.

Guardian Angels, who watch over and protect people, provide a stunning selection of names perfect for babies with strong and steady dispositions:

Messenger Angels serve as divine messengers between the heavens and earth, offering guidance, wisdom, and support. Some names associated with these roles include:

If you’re looking for names related to the angelic hierarchy, these options might capture your interest:

In addition, many baby names related to angels are inspired by virtues and moral qualities that these celestial beings represent:

Finally, don’t overlook the names inspired by angels in literature and mythology:

With so many divine and meaningful baby names rooted in angelic roles, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one that reflects both strength and grace while bestowing blessings upon your child.

Unique Angelic Names for Boys

Finding the perfect baby name can be challenging, but if you’re looking for a name with an angelic meaning, you’re in luck. I’ve compiled a list of unique angelic names for boys that will not only sound charming but also represent the ethereal and heavenly qualities associated with angels. Let’s explore some of these beautiful names together.

1. Evangeline: While it’s often considered a girl’s name, Evangeline has a unique, gender-neutral quality that can work beautifully for a boy as well. This name has Greek origins and means “bearer of good news.” It’s a wonderful choice for parents seeking an angelic name with a positive connotation.

2. Gabriel: Known as the messenger angel in many religious traditions, Gabriel is a strong and classic choice for a boy’s name. It has Hebrew origins and means “God is my strength,” making it a fitting name for a little one who’s destined to be courageous and steadfast.

3. Ariel: This Hebrew name, meaning “lion of God,” certainly has an angelic ring to it. Ariel is often associated with the Archangel of Nature, making it a great choice for nature-loving parents seeking a unique name for their son.

4. Zadkiel: If you’re looking for a truly unique angelic name, Zadkiel might be just the ticket. This name has Hebrew origins and means “righteousness of God,” and is associated with the Archangel responsible for forgiveness and mercy.

5. Raziel: Known as the “secret of God” and the Keeper of Mysteries, Raziel is a Hebrew name that combines an air of mystery with an angelic undertone. It’s an exceptional choice for parents seeking a name that stands out from the crowd.

To help you compare these names, here’s a table summarizing their meanings:

EvangelineGreekBearer of good news
GabrielHebrewGod is my strength
ArielHebrewLion of God
ZadkielHebrewRighteousness of God
RazielHebrewSecret of God

When choosing a unique angelic name for your baby boy, consider these options and reflect on which name best suits his growing personality and the traits you’d like him to embody. Whether it’s Evangeline, Gabriel, Ariel, Zadkiel, or Raziel, he’ll be carrying a name with heavenly connections throughout his life.

Unique Angelic Names for Girls

Looking for that perfect name for your little angel? I’ve got you covered! Below are some unique angelic names for girls that will help your little one shine like a celestial being. Not only are these names beautiful, but they also carry significant meanings related to angels. Let’s dive into these heavenly names.

Seraphina is definitely a name that stands out. Derived from the Hebrew word “Seraphim,” it refers to the highest order of angels, known for their six wings and fiery light. Seraphina is a perfect blend of elegance and mystique, giving your baby girl an angelic name that she’ll surely cherish.

Another lovely option is Evangeline. It is of Greek origin and means “bringer of good news.” In Christian tradition, angels are often portrayed as messengers delivering divine messages. Evangeline is known for its poetic charm, making it a fitting choice for parents who appreciate literature and history.

For those looking for a shorter yet sweet name, Aria might just be the answer. With its Italian origin, Aria means “air” or “melody.” In some beliefs, angels are associated with music and are thought to communicate through celestial melodies. Aria certainly brings an air of grace and musicality to any little girl’s name.

Now, let’s not forget the name Laila. This beautiful and exotic names originates from Arabic and it means “night”, an allusion to the idea of angels watching over us during the nighttime. As your little girl grows, she can take pride in knowing her name symbolizes protection and care.

Lastly, have you ever considered the name Ramiel? While often seen as a boy’s name, it can certainly work well as a unique choice for girls as well. Ramiel means “thunder of God” in Hebrew, and in some religious texts, Ramiel is the name of an angel associated with compassion and divine mercy.

In summary, here are the five unique angelic names for girls:

Incorporating one of these unique names into your baby girl’s life is sure to give her a remarkable identity. They are not only enchanting but also deeply rooted in angelic meanings, allowing your child to carry a piece of celestial grace throughout her life.

Angelic Names from Around the Globe

When it comes to choosing a baby name with an angelic meaning, there are plenty of options from around the world. These unique names are inspired by different cultures and offer a wide variety of meanings. Let’s explore some of these international angelic names to help you find the perfect one for your little one.

Names with angelic meanings can be found throughout various languages and cultures. Here are a few examples:

In addition to names with direct angelic meanings, many names have indirect connections to angels or heavenly properties. Some examples include:

You might also consider names inspired by famous angels or angelic figures from various religious texts and stories. Some iconic examples are:

Choosing the right angelic name for your baby can be a joyful and meaningful experience. While the lists above provide some inspiration, ultimately the best name for your child will be one that resonates with you and reflects your family’s values and beliefs.

Remember, the perfect angelic name is out there waiting for you to discover it. Happy name hunting!

Unisex Angelic Names for Your Bundle of Joy

Choosing a baby name can be a daunting task, especially when you’re looking for unique names with a spiritual connection. One popular theme for names is angelic or celestial names. These beautiful, unisex names often convey a sense of grace and serenity, perfect for your little piece of heaven. Below, I’ve compiled a list of unisex angelic baby names that might catch your interest.

  1. Ariel: This name has Hebrew origins and is often associated with the angel who oversees nature and healing.
  2. Ramiel: A name of Aramaic origin, Ramiel means “thunder of God” and is said to be one of the seven archangels.
  3. Mika: With both Japanese and Hebrew origins, Mika has multiple meanings including “beautiful fragrance” and “gift from God.”
  4. Jophiel: This name has Hebraic roots and refers to the angel of enlightenment and inner beauty.

To help you visualize the popularity and usage of these names over the years, I’ve created a markdown table below:

NamePopularity (2010)Popularity (2020)

Here are a few more unisex angelic names you might consider for your little one:

Names are a powerful way to define an individual’s personality and identity. By choosing one of these angelic baby names, you’ll be instilling a strong sense of spirituality and grace into your child’s life. Remember, the choice is yours, and no matter which name you pick, your baby will surely be a blessing.

Tips for Choosing an Angelic Baby Name

When it comes to picking the perfect angelic baby name, there are several factors to consider. Here, I’ll share some useful tips that can help make your decision process a lot smoother.

First and foremost, research the meaning of the names you’re interested in. You’ll want to ensure the meaning aligns with your desire for an angelic name. Websites like Behind the Name and Nameberry offer detailed information on various names and their meanings.

Next, factor in the popularity of the names you’re considering. If you’d like a more unique name, you might want to steer clear of names that are currently trending or overused. Conversely, a popular name ensures your child won’t have a hard time explaining their moniker. The Social Security Administration offers a useful resource for checking name popularity in the United States.

Here’s a suggestion – create a shortlist of your favorite angelic names. Doing so will help you narrow down your options and give you time to mull over which name feels just right. Consider:

Remember to test the name out loud. It’s important to get a feel for how it sounds when spoken, especially since you, family members, and friends will be saying it regularly. This will also help identify any potential pronunciation issues.

Don’t forget to consider cultural or family ties. Names with connections to your heritage or loved ones can add special meaning. Ensure the chosen name doesn’t clash with any cultural sensibilities and reflects your values.

Additionally, take into account any rhyming or alliteration that may occur with your choice. Sometimes, these aspects make the name more memorable, but occasionally, they can result in unintended teasing or nicknames. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

Finally, remember to trust your instincts. Choosing the perfect name isn’t solely about following a list of tips. Your heart will often guide you to the right decision. Don’t be afraid to go against tradition or choose something less common if it feels right.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect angelic name for your little one. Keep in mind that, ultimately, it’s about finding a balance between personal preferences and practical considerations to arrive at a name that both you and your child will cherish.

Celestial and Spiritual Names Beyond Angels

While angels are undoubtedly fascinating, I believe it’s worthwhile to explore other spiritual and celestial baby names as well. This way, future parents have an even broader selection of meaningful names to choose from. Here are some notable options beyond those that simply mean ‘angel’.

First, let’s take a look at names inspired by celestial bodies, such as stars, planets, and constellations:

Now, let’s move on to spiritually charged names influenced by various mythologies and religious traditions:

Here’s a table summarizing these celestial and spiritual names, along with their meanings:

AstraLatin, GreekStar
OrionGreek mythologyConstellation, Hunter
AltairArabicBird, Flying, Star in Aquila
AriaItalianAir, Melody, Solo
DaraHebrew, PersianWisdom, King, Charitable
LeviHebrewJoined, Attached
NeveahModern AmericanHeaven (spelled backward)

By embracing the pantheon of celestial and spiritual names available, parents can give their child a unique and symbolic name that truly resonates with their beliefs and values. Ultimately, the key is to be open to a diverse range of inspiration and keep an open mind in the naming process.

In Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Angelic Name

Selecting the ideal angelic name for your little one can be both thrilling and challenging. It’s important to consider various aspects before finalizing the perfect name. I’ve compiled some helpful tips to support you in your search for that divine name.

Here are some popular baby names that mean angel:

ArielHebrewLion of God, angelBoth
LailaArabicBorn at night, angelFemale
EvangelineEnglishBringer of good newsFemale
GabrielleHebrewGod is my strengthFemale
RamielHebrewThunder of God, angelMale
SeraphinaHebrewFiery-winged, angelicFemale

Above all, trust your instincts and take your time choosing the perfect angelic name. Remember, the name you select for your baby will be something they carry with them for the rest of their lives, so it’s crucial to pick a name that resonates with your heart and values. Happy naming!

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