Azariah: Baby Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

By Cris Rizk •  Updated: 06/15/23

Selecting the perfect name for your baby can be a daunting task, especially when considering the variety of options available. One name that’s caught my attention is Azariah, appreciated for its beautiful meaning and unique sound. In this article, I’ll delve into the origin, meaning, and popularity of this striking name.

Azariah originates from Hebrew, boasting a rich history and strong cultural roots. Its meaning, “whom God has helped” or “God has helped,” evokes a sense of strength and protection. With such a meaningful background, it’s no wonder countless parents are drawn to this captivating name.

Despite its historical roots, Azariah maintains a fresh, modern appeal. The name consistently ranks in the top 1000 most popular names in the United States, showing its widespread appeal. As you consider options for your child’s name, Azariah could be the perfect choice, balancing meaningful history with a contemporary flair.

The Meaning of Azariah

In my research, I found that the name Azariah has a rich history and significant meaning. It’s a gender-neutral name derived from the Hebrew name ‘עֲזַרְיָה’ (Azaryah). It means “Yahweh has helped” or simply “helped by God.” If you’re intrigued by biblical names, Azariah might be particularly interesting, as it has appeared several times in the Hebrew Bible and the Book of Daniel.

Azariah’s origin and meaning can be traced back to several cultures and languages:

As a first name, Azariah gained popularity in the United States during the 1990s. And, it’s continuing to see an increase in usage. According to the Social Security Administration, Azariah ranked 758th in the US popularity ranking for baby names as of 2020.

YearAzariah US Popularity Rank

Here are some similar names and their meanings, which may appeal to those interested in Azariah:

Suggested sibling names for Azariah include:

A few famous people named Azariah include:

While the name Azariah may not be well-known globally, it represents a unique choice with a rich history, strong meaning, and biblical roots. If you’re drawn to Azariah’s distinctive qualities, it may be the perfect name to consider for your baby.

Exploring the Origins

Diving into the origins of the baby name Azariah, I discovered it has historic roots within Hebrew culture. Meaning “Yahweh has helped”, Azariah is a traditional name with deep spiritual connections. While traditionally a masculine name, it’s become increasingly popular as a gender-neutral option for modern families.

Tracing back to the Old Testament, Azariah is a name often found within the ranks of the Israeli priesthood and royal courts. In fact, several important biblical figures share this name, further emphasizing its strong connection to faith and devotion.

When exploring name variations within other languages and cultures, I’ve compiled a concise list:

Some similar names that may be of interest to parents considering Azariah are:

Azariah could also complement a variety of sibling names. A few suggestions include:

Several famous figures, both contemporary and historic, bear the name Azariah. A notable example is the prophet Azariah ben Oded from the Old Testament. Some more recent examples include:

In summary, Azariah is a meaningful and historic name rooted in Hebrew culture. Its strong biblical foundation and gender-neutral appeal make it a popular choice for modern families. By exploring its origins and learning about variants and similar names, parents can make a more informed decision when choosing this spiritually significant name for their little ones.

Popularity Over Time

When examining the popularity of the baby name Azariah over time, I’ve discovered some interesting trends. Though Azariah has been around for centuries, it gained significant traction in the United States in the past few decades. Below are some noteworthy points about its popularity and variations.

Here is a breakdown of Azariah’s ranking in the US over the past years:

YearRanking (Boys)Ranking (Girls)

Azariah’s popularity in various countries and languages:

Suggested sibling names:

Famous people named Azariah:

Clearly, there’s a growing interest in and appreciation of the name Azariah over time. The diverse nature of this name and its usage across multiple languages and cultures makes it a compelling choice for parents seeking something unique and meaningful for their child.

Famous Azariahs

The name Azariah has been around for centuries and has been used by various influential people in history. While not extremely common, some remarkable figures with the name have made a lasting impact. Here’s a brief overview:

In other languages and cultures, Azariah bears a few variations:

For similar names, consider these biblical options:

If you’re looking for sibling names, here are some suggestions that might suit your taste:

  1. For girls: Adalia, Amiah, Alizah
  2. For boys: Ezra, Isaiah, Malachi

Finally, there are a couple of modern public figures who go by the name Azaria:

In summary, Azariah is a name rich in history, culture, and significance. Although not incredibly common, several noteworthy figures have carried the name, drawing attention to its unique and fascinating place in our world.

Sibling Name Ideas

Choosing the perfect sibling name to pair with the unique name Azariah can be a fun and exciting journey. In this section, I’ll offer some suggestions for sibling names that complement Azariah, while considering aspects such as origin, history, and meaning. I’ve also included name variations in other languages and cultures, similar names, and famous individuals with the name Azariah.

Name Variations in Other Languages and Cultures

Azariah, a Hebrew name, has several variations and similar names found in other languages and cultures. Some of these include:

Similar Names

If you’re looking for names with biblical connections or similar meanings, here are a few suggestions:

Suggested Sibling Names

When picking a sibling name for Azariah, it’s essential to consider names that flow well together and have a similar feel or style. Here are a few ideas based on popularity, sounds, and themes:

For Boys:

For Girls:

Famous People Named Azariah

Though the name Azariah is less common, there are a few famous individuals who bear the name. These individuals might inspire more interest in the name Azariah and its diverse meanings. Some of them are:

In summary, when choosing a sibling name to pair with Azariah, consider factors like origin, meaning, and style. Whether you opt for a name with a similar biblical connection or a name that complements Azariah in sound, theme, or significance, there are plenty of options to help you find the perfect match for your growing family.

Wrapping It Up

In this article, we’ve taken a closer look at the name Azariah. This Hebrew name, with its rich biblical origins, carries the beautiful meaning of “helped by God.” Throughout different cultures and languages, the name has various forms and pronunciations.

Here are some name variations in other languages and cultures:

When it comes to similar names, many biblical names share the same spiritual essence. A few examples include:

If you’re considering sibling names for a child named Azariah, you might want to look at names with comparable meanings or origins, such as:

Famous people with the name Azariah include:

By now, you should have a deeper understanding of the name Azariah, its origins, meanings, and variations. Regardless of whether you’re choosing this name for your own child or simply appreciating its beauty, the name Azariah holds great significance rooted in its biblical history. With its connections to help and strength, I believe it remains a compelling option for anyone searching for an impactful and unique name.

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