Autumn: Baby Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

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As the leaves change color and the air becomes crisp, many parents-to-be find themselves inspired by the season of autumn. Autumn serves not only as a beautiful backdrop for cozy celebrations, but the name itself holds meaning that reflects the uniqueness of this time of year. In this article, I’ll explore the meaning, origin, and popularity of the baby name Autumn.

The name Autumn originated from the Latin word “autumnus,” which signifies the season of harvest. This name brings to mind images of warm colors, bountiful harvests, and the feeling of transition from summer to winter. As a baby name, Autumn conveys a sense of warmth and abundance, making it a fitting choice for parents who want to embody the essence of this special season.

In terms of popularity, Autumn has been steadily gaining traction over the past few decades. According to the Social Security Administration, the name Autumn reached its peak popularity in the early 2000s, ranking within the top 100 baby girl names. While its popularity has slightly waned since then, the name Autumn remains a beloved choice for parents seeking a seasonal, nature-inspired moniker for their little one.

The Essence of the Name Autumn

When it comes to baby names, I always appreciate a name that’s timeless, elegant, and implies a sense of warmth. Autumn, a name derived from the Latin word “autumnus,” is a perfect fit for this description. Primarily used as a girl’s name, Autumn has steadily gained popularity for its uniqueness and charm.

Let’s dive into some intriguing aspects of the name Autumn:

The name Autumn carries an essence of warmth, change, and natural beauty. It not only evokes images of the vibrant season but also offers versatility in terms of cultural appeal and linguistic adaptability. With its steady popularity and range of similar names and variations, Autumn is an excellent choice for parents seeking a distinctive and charming name for their baby girl.

Tracing the Name’s Roots

Delving into the fascinating origins of the name Autumn, I discovered it has Latin roots. Derived from the Latin word autumnus, it signifies the season of fall and the harvest. It’s been used as a given name in English-speaking countries since the mid-20th century, showing a relatively recent trend toward season-inspired names.

It’s essential to note the historical significance of the name in different cultures. Variations of Autumn can be found around the world, such as:

Similar seasonal names have long been popular in various cultures, including:

As for popularity, Autumn has experienced an increase in usage over the years. In the United States, my research into Social Security Administration (SSA) data revealed the following statistics:


From the data, it’s clear that Autumn’s popularity peaked in the 1990s and remains a fairly common choice today, ranking among the top 100 U.S. baby names for girls in 2020.

When considering sibling names that pair well with Autumn, season-inspired names could be a great choice. Some sibling name options include:

As for notable individuals with the name Autumn, there are a few who have made their mark, such as:

In the world of literature, Autumn de Wilde is a significant figure as the director of the movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Emma.”

Autumn’s Popularity in Recent Years

Within the past few years, the popularity of the baby name Autumn has significantly grown. This seasonal name is a favorite for babies born during the fall months, and its increasing status is evident in baby name charts.

From 2000 to 2020, Autumn’s ranking as a baby name in the United States has consistently been in the Top 100 most popular names. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), it peaked at number 67 in 2001. More recently, Autumn was ranked at number 82 in 2020. In comparison, the name didn’t even crack the top 200 until 1990.

Autumn’s Popularity (2000 – 2020):


Data from SSA

While popularity can vary across languages and regions, there are several similar names or name variations in different cultures:

Parents seeking sibling names with a similar theme might consider other seasonal or nature-inspired names:

There aren’t many famous people named Autumn, but a handful stand out. Autumn Reeser is an American actress known for her roles in popular TV shows and films like “The OC” and “Entourage.” Another example is Autumn Phillips, the former wife of Peter Phillips and granddaughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II, who was often in the public eye during her marriage.

In conclusion, Autumn remains a popular choice for baby names, retaining a steady presence in the Top 100 names over the past two decades. Its seasonal charm, along with similar name variations and nature-inspired sibling name options, appeal to many parents expecting babies during the fall months.

Famous People Named Autumn

When it comes to famous people named Autumn, I found several noteworthy individuals who are worth mentioning. From sports figures to actresses, this versatile name has seen some prominence, particularly in the United States.

Autumn Reeser is an American actress best known for her roles in the TV series “The O.C.”, “Entourage”, and “The Arrangement”. She has also appeared in several films, such as “Sully” and “The Girl Next Door”. Reeser’s performances display her natural talent and help make her a recognizable name among Autumns.

In the sports arena, we have Autumn Miller, an accomplished American dancer, model, and social media personality. She has competed in various dance competitions and showcases her skills on YouTube, where she has amassed over one million subscribers. Additionally, her Instagram following has more than 1.9 million followers.

Moving into the world of literature, Autumn Stevens is an accomplished American author known for her engaging and informative books. Titles like “Wild Women: Crusaders, Curmudgeons, and Completely Corsetless Ladies in the Otherwise Virtuous Victorian Era” and “So You Want to Be a Nurse?” showcase her diverse range of topics and captivating writing style.

For a popular name like Autumn, one may wonder about name variations in other languages and cultures. In Latin, Autumnus is a particularly relevant form. Other similar names include Autumno in Italian and Otoño in Spanish. These sibling names carry the essence of the season while providing a unique cultural twist:

As for biblical names that are somewhat similar to Autumn, one might consider names with a nature-based significance such as:

In conclusion, the name Autumn has made its mark across various fields, whether it’s acting, sports, or literature. With famous individuals like Autumn Reeser, Autumn Miller, and Autumn Stevens, it’s clear that the name Autumn has made a noticeable impact. Whether you opt for a variation from another culture or pair the name with a sibling name or a biblical reference, Autumn remains a charming and significant choice for any parent.

Alternatives to the Name Autumn

If you’re considering Autumn for a baby name, but want to explore other options, look no further. Autumn, meaning “the season of fall,” is popular for its warm, vibrant colors and associations with seasonal change. While I adore the name Autumn, there are several alternatives that capture similar imagery or share phonetic similarities. Let’s dive into these captivating options!

Alternatives inspired by seasons and nature:

Names with similar phonetics or structure:

Variations of Autumn in other languages and cultures:

Sibling names:

If you’re looking for sibling name ideas that pair well with Autumn, consider these suggestions:

Famous people named Autumn:

In summary, while Autumn is a beautiful name, there are countless alternatives inspired by seasons, nature, similar phonetics, and various cultural variations. With so many options, finding the perfect name for your baby can be an exciting journey!

Concluding Thoughts on the Name

After exploring the meaning, origin, and popularity of the name Autumn, I can say it’s a charming choice for parents who love nature-inspired names. With its delightful imagery of crisp fall foliage and cool air, it’s no wonder this name continues to maintain its popularity.

Throughout various cultures and languages, Autumn has different variations, making it a versatile option for families worldwide. Here are some name variations:

If you’re considering similar names, or even biblical names, here are some suggestions to pair with Autumn:

Sibling names that might work well alongside Autumn include:

A few famous people named Autumn include:

In summary, Autumn is a beautiful, nature-inspired baby name that carries with it images of cozy sweaters, pumpkin lattes, and vibrant fall colors. Its popularity remains steadfast, and its variations across languages make it an appealing choice for parents from various cultural backgrounds. By considering similar and sibling names, you can create a perfect name combination for your family.

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