Angelo: Baby Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

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When it comes to choosing a baby name, every parent looks for a name that not only has a beautiful sound and feel, but also has a meaningful background. Angelo happens to be one such name that checks off both criteria. As a classic and charming choice for a baby boy, Angelo offers a rich history, significance, and appeal.

The name Angelo is derived from the Greek word “angelos,” which means “messenger” or “bearer of good news.” This origin is fitting for the arrival of a new life bringing love and joy to the family. Over the years, Angelo has continued to be a popular name around the world, especially in countries with a strong Christian heritage.

Aside from its fascinating history and religious significance, Angelo is a name that parents continue to appreciate for its melodiousness and pleasant resonance. As a result, Angelo stands out as a wonderful and timeless option for any baby boy.

Angelo’s Name Meaning

While choosing a baby name, I always look for one that carries a meaningful and inspiring backstory. Angelo, a name of Italian origin, means “angel” or “messenger of God.” Its roots stem from the Greek word ἄγγελος (ángelos) and Latin “angelus.” Derived from the heavenly creature itself, Angelo is a name that’s literally divine, making it a great choice for many parents.

Names that resonate with Angelo, and often get compared to it, are some biblical names such as Michael and Gabriel. In other languages and cultures, the name also has different variations, such as:

For parents considering possible sibling names, here are some suggestions that might complement Angelo:

Over the years, numerous famous personalities shared this heavenly name. Some of these individuals include:

There are also notable public figures with Angelo as their surname, such as:

Choosing the perfect name for a child is often a challenging task, and for many parents, it’s important to understand the meaning, origin, and popularity of the name they’re considering. While the name Angelo is steeped in divine meaning and cultural significance, it might not be for everyone. Nonetheless, I believe it’s a beautiful choice for parents who are seeking a name with a heavenly touch and a unique meaning, making little Angelo truly special in their eyes.

The Origins of Angelo

Originating from the Latin word “angelus,” the name Angelo has a deep root in history and religious significance. This charming name, meaning messenger or messenger of God, has a timeless appeal to many parents worldwide, particularly in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese cultures.

Throughout history, you can find variations of this name across a variety of languages and cultures. Here are a few examples of name variations:

The biblical context of Angelo has many Christian parents considering this name for their child. In the Bible, angels are divine messengers and guardians, representing purity and protection, which makes Angelo a meaningful and spiritually-connected name.

Similar to Angelo, a myriad of other names has roots in biblical origin or religious significance. Some of them include:

If you are considering sibling names for Angelo, some suggestions could be names with Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese origins or names with biblical roots. Here’s a list to get you started:

Throughout the years, several famous people have had the name Angelo or variations of it, such as:

In conclusion, Angelo is a beautiful, timeless, and spiritually significant name with Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese roots that has captured the hearts of many parents worldwide. With its many variations, biblical connections, and list of inspiring namesakes, it’s no wonder Angelo continues to be a popular choice.

Popularity of Angelo

As we delve into the popularity of the baby name Angelo, it’s essential to understand its background and significance across different cultures. Angelo, derived from the Greek word “ángelos,” means “angel” or “messenger.” This name is deeply rooted in religious symbolism and has been popular among Christian families for centuries.

In the United States, Angelo experienced a surge in popularity from the early 1900s until the 1960s. In recent years, its ranking has fluctuated but remained relatively stable. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), Angelo ranked 330th among baby boy names in 2020.

Table: Popularity of Angelo in the United States (2020)


The name Angelo is not only popular in the United States, but it’s also common in countries like Italy, Brazil, and Portugal. With its widespread usage, there are numerous variations and names that share similarities with Angelo, such as:

Additionally, Angelo shares close ties with several biblical names, including:

When considering sibling names for an Angelo, here are a few suggestions:

Numerous prominent figures have carried the name Angelo in various aspects of life, from sports to entertainment and beyond. Some of these famous individuals include:

In summary, the name Angelo boasts a rich history and remains moderately popular in modern times. Its religious connotations and multicultural appeal make it an enduring choice for those seeking a meaningful and distinctive baby name.

Famous People Named Angelo

When it comes to famous people named Angelo, there are quite a few noteworthy individuals who have made their mark in various fields. Whether it’s the world of sports, music, or politics, the name Angelo holds its own in prominence.

Angelo Badalamenti is a renowned American composer, best known for his work on the soundtracks of David Lynch’s films such as Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive. He also created the iconic theme music for the television series Twin Peaks.

In politics, Angelo Bruno was a powerful Italian-American mob boss who led the Philadelphia crime family for two decades until his assassination in 1980.

The world of sports has seen its fair share of Angelo’s too. For instance, there’s Angelo Dundee, an acclaimed boxing trainer who worked with greats like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Here’s a quick list of several other famous people named Angelo:

Moving on to name variations in different languages and cultures, Angelo is derived from the Greek word “angelos” which means “messenger” or “messenger of God.” In other languages and cultures, similar names include:

For those who appreciate the biblical connection, the name Angelo has its roots in various forms throughout the Bible, such as:

When it comes to suggested sibling names, some names that pair beautifully with Angelo include:

Keep in mind, these are merely examples of names that can complement Angelo. Ultimately, the choice of sibling names is a personal one, driven by individual preferences and family traditions.

In conclusion, the name Angelo has been associated with various famous individuals throughout history. From composers and mob bosses to athletes and architects, the name Angelo has found a place in our collective consciousness. It’s diverse cultural origins and pleasant, melodic quality make it a popular choice for many around the world.

Names Similar to Angelo

If you’re considering naming your baby Angelo but want to explore some similar options, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of names that share Angelo’s vibe, origins, or sound. Let’s take a look at some alternatives, variations in other cultures, and sibling name suggestions.

Similar Names:

In the same vein as Angelo, these names also have a strong connection to religion or mythology:

Cultural and Language Variations:

Angelo’s roots stem from the Italian language, so let’s take a look at some name variations in other languages and cultures:

Sibling Name Suggestions:

Looking for the perfect sibling name for Angelo? Here are some options that go well together:

Famous People Named Angelo:

Notable individuals who share the name Angelo:

Overall, if you’re looking for a name similar to Angelo, there are plenty of options that have strong connections to religion, mythology, or culture. From cultural variations such as Angelos to sibling names like Giovanni and Sophia, there’s no shortage of possibilities for your baby’s name.


Throughout my research on the name Angelo, I’ve discovered that it’s not only a beautiful name but also rich in meaning, history, and cultural significance. The name Angelo has strong roots in Italy and is derived from the Latin word “Angelus,” which means “angel” or “messenger of God.” It’s popularity has spread across various countries and cultures, reflecting its timeless appeal.

In other languages and cultures, Angelo has some variations which include:

Some similar names and biblical name counterparts include:

Sibling names that compliment Angelo’s style could be:

As for famous people with the name Angelo, there are several noteworthy names in various fields:

To sum up, Angelo is a name with a lot of positive connotations and strong cultural roots. Its popularity has persisted over the years due to its beautiful meaning and historical significance. From its origins in Italy to its variations in different languages and cultures, it would surely be a unique choice for families wishing to bestow a meaningful name upon their child.

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