Popular Tamil names for girls and boys

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1 Aadalalagi Tamil Artistic and Beautiful F
2 Aadalarasan Tamil Attraction M
3 Aadalarasi Tamil Artistic F
4 Aadalarasu Tamil King of Dance M
5 Aadalazhagan Tamil Aadalazhagan M
6 Aadarselvan Tamil Aadarselvan M
7 Aadhini Tamil the beginning;A woman who herds a cow F
8 Aadiya Muthu Tamil Aadiya Muthu M
9 Aagam Tamil coming, arrival M

10 Aampal Tamil lotus like water flower F
11 Aandi Maaran Tamil Aandi Maaran M
12 Aandi Magan Tamil Aandi Magan M
13 Aasaimozhi Tamil speak with love F
14 Aathi Tamil Lord Shiva, the Lord who has the power to destroy the wolrd F
15 Aathimarai Tamil Ancient secret F
16 Aathimozhi Tamil ancient language F
17 Aayakallai Tamil All the 64 Arts in Hindusim F
18 Aazhiyarasi Tamil Ocean Queen F
19 Achira Tamil from the Achira, meaning cold season F
20 Adaikalam Tamil Refuge M
21 Adaikalamuthu Tamil Adaikalamuthu M
22 Adalvallan Tamil Best Dancer M
23 Agamagildhini Tamil Happiest one F
24 Agathiyan Tamil Versatile; Creative; Desire; Artistic; Name of a Saint M
25 Aithu Tamil (delicate, beautiful) F
26 Aiyai Tamil a princess, daughter of Chozha king Thithan F
27 Akachcholai Tamil Garden like heart F
28 Akai Tamil rise, flower, flourish F
29 Akamakal Tamil Homely daughter F
30 Akamathi Tamil Moon like heart F
31 Akanakai Tamil Good hearted person F
32 Akanila Tamil Moon like heart F
33 Akaththamarai Tamil Lotus heart F
34 Akavan Tamil singer M
35 Akavazhaki Tamil Beautiful heart F
36 Akil Tamil (a fragrant tree like Santhanam from Sangam) M
37 Akila Tamil comes from the fragrant wood akil from ancient Tamil F
38 Alagappan Tamil Handsome M
39 Alagarsami Tamil Handsome M
40 Alagen Tamil Handsome F
41 Alagumuthu Tamil Handsome Gem M
42 Alaguraju Tamil Good Looking M
43 Alagusivan Tamil God Sivan M
44 Alaiarasan Tamil King of Waves M
45 Alar Tamil to blossom F
46 Alari Tamil flower F
47 Alli Tamil Alli F
48 Amal Tamil means Prosperity, fullness (occurs many times in Sangam poems) M
49 Amalai Tamil means Prosperity in ancient Tamil F
50 Amali Tamil from Amalai that means Prosperity in ancient Tamil F
51 Amar Tamil the word means tranquil, desire, strife M
52 Amara Tamil from ancient Tamil Amar which means fitting, perfect, desire, strife F
53 Amaravati Tamil It is a tributary of Kaveri River in southern India F
54 Ammani Tamil means beautiful gem F
55 Ampuli Tamil The moon F
56 Amuthamozhi Tamil speak sweetly F
57 Amuthasurabi Tamil A dish which supply infinity amount of food, described on Hindu epic Manimegalai F
58 Anangu Tamil Woman F
59 Anbalagan Tamil Lovely Person M
60 Anbarasan Tamil King of Love M
61 Anbazhagan Tamil Beautiful; Loving M
62 Anbu Tamil Anbu F
63 Anbu Tamil Anbu M
64 Anbucelvan Tamil Emperor of Love M
65 Anbuchchelvi Tamil lovable young girl F
66 Anbucheliyan Tamil Kind and Prosperous M
67 Andiran Tamil (one of the 7 great vallals – was known as Survey) M
68 Andiyappan Tamil Another Name of Lord Muruga M
69 Angai Tamil beautiful hands F
70 Angai Tamil beautiful hands F
71 Angavai Tamil Daughter of Bari F
72 Angayal Tamil Most beautiful fishes F
73 Anhthimalli Tamil Night blooming jasmine flower F
74 Ani Tamil Beauty F
75 Anicha Tamil Anime flower, a delicate flower F
76 Animakal Tamil A daughter who wears lots of jewels F
77 Animalar Tamil beautiful flower (from Akananuru) F
78 Animozi Tamil Golden words F
79 Aniyenthi Tamil One who holds jewellery F
80 Ankavi Tamil daughter of Pari the king and a poet F
81 Annam Tamil Annam F
82 Anni Tamil A small-region king in Natrinai M
83 Anpalaku Tamil The one who shows more love toward others F
84 Anpan Tamil Anpan M
85 Anparuvi Tamil Love like a river F
86 Anpolli Tamil The one with a heart full of love F
87 Anpucelvan Tamil Emperor of Love M
88 Anpumozhi Tamil lovely speaking F
89 Anthimalar Tamil evening flower F
90 Anthuvan Tamil Anthuvan M
91 Arakathir Tamil Righteous ray F
92 Arakodi Tamil Righteous woman F
93 Aralai Tamil (Sangam Tamil word for OLEANDER flower) F
94 Arali Tamil water - from the word Aral F
95 Arali Tamil from the word Radius for Sandalwood F
96 Aramalar Tamil moral like flower F
97 Aramani Tamil Righteous person F
98 Aramathi Tamil Combination of righteous and knowledgeable F
99 Aranya Tamil from the word Aranya (palace, fort) F
100 Arasumani Tamil Bello of Justice; Held by the Great King Manuneethi Chozhan M